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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 15

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3.2.3. How to reset all VCR Memory functions
To reset (clear) the select language, channel auto set and set clock functions to their
initial power on condition (power on, no cassette inserted), hold down the PLAY and
REWIND buttons together on VCR for more than 5 seconds. Power will shut off .
3.2.4. Service Mode
In order to inhibit detection of the Supply and Takeup Photo Transistors, Reel
Sensor, and Cylinder Lock, press VCR/TV button and CH down button together on
VCR for over 5 seconds in power off condition.
The power comes on and the unit goes into service mode.
Mechanism movement can be confirmed without a cassette in this mode.
To release from this mode, press POWER button off or disconnect AC Plug.
(Alternative method) Ground the TP6001.
Fig. 3
3.2.5. Test Point Information

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Table of Contents

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