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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 69

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Symptom of Misadjustment :
If the tilt of the A/C Head is poorly adjusted, the tape will eventually be damaged.
An intermittent Blue screen may be seen in Playback.
1. Play back a T120 Cassette tape and confirm that the tape runs properly between
the lower and upper limits of the P4 post. Also confirm that the tape runs smoothly.
2. If adjustment is required, turn Black Screw (B), shown in Fig. M13, clockwise until
curling is apparent at the lower edge of P4. Then turn Black Screw (B)
counterclockwise until the curling smooths out.
Purpose :
To adjust the position and height of the A/C Head so that it meets the tape tracks
Symptom of Misadjustment :
If the position of the A/C Head is not properly adjusted, the Audio S/N Ratio is poor.
1. Connect the oscilloscope to the audio output jack on the rear side of the deck.
2. Play back the monoscope portion (6KHz, Mono) of the alignment tape
3. Adjust Black Screw (C) on the head base, shown in Fig. M13, so that the output
level is at maximum.
Fig. M14

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Table of Contents

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