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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 18

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To cancel the VCR Lock Feature:
Press STOP/EJECT button on VCR for 7 seconds again during Stop, or Power OFF
VCR Lock mode is cancelled automatically after 24 hours when the clock is set.
3.2.8. Set Tracking to the Neutral Position
Pressing eject and reinserting a Tape will initiate the Auto Tracking function from the
Neutral position.
3.2.9. Easy Signal Check Points
Points with marks "V1..., AV1..., CT1... etc." on Main C.B.A. can be used for checking
Video and Audio Signal.
V1 to V11 : to check Video Signal
AV1 to AV4 : to check Audio Signal
CT1 to CT7 : to check Control Signal
Also, power lines are marked with voltage indications (5V, 12V, 14V, 37V, -30V) on
Main C.B.A. for easy checking.
Schematic, C.B.A. and Block Diagrams also show these check points.
Fig. 5-1
Fig. 5-2

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Table of Contents

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