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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 66

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1. Place the Post Adjustment Plate over the Reels, and put the Fixture on it. Set the
Fixture to zero ("0") when the foot just touches the Post Adjustment Plate.
2. Slightly raise the P5 post above the plate by turning the 5.5mm Nut
counterclockwise. Place the foot on the post as shown in Fig. M11-4.
3. Then slowly turn the 5.5mm Nut clockwise until the fixture reads the specified
4. Remove the Post Adjustment Plate. Reinstall the Cassette Up Ass'y and the cabinet
Upon completion of the above procedure, play back the tape and confirm that the
tape runs properly without curling between the lower and upper limits of the P5 Post.
Also confirm that the tape is running smoothly.
If adjustment is required, slightly turn the 5.5mm Nut until the curling smooths out. TAPE INTERCHANGEABILITY ADJUSTMENT (FINAL
To perform these adjustment/confirmation procedures, set Tracking to the Neutral
*Equipment Required :
Dual Trace Oscilloscope
VHS Alignment Tape..............................(VFMS0001H6)
Post Adjustment Screwdriver..................(VFK0329)
Fig. M11-4

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Table of Contents

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