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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 24

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3.3.2. How to remove the VCR Chassis Unit from the frame:
1. In the order described in the Disassembly of Cabinet Parts Section, remove the
Top Cover, Power Supply Ass'y and Front Panel Ass'y.
2. Remove Screw (S-4) and Screw (S-5) in
3. Remove 2 Screws (S-6), 2 Screws (S-7), 2 Screws (S-8), Screw (S-9), Screw (S-10),
Screw (S-11), 2 Screws (S-12), and the Chassis Plate in
4. While gently lifting the Side Plate L (C) of Cassette Up Ass'y, bent locking tab (A)
and (B) then outward until clear.
5. Lift the Side Plate R (D) until even with the Side Plate L. Then lift entire VCR
Chassis Unit out from the frame.
Fig. 8
D4, Page 2-2.
D7, Page 2-3.

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Table of Contents

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