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JRC NTG337-EL0 Instruction Manual Page 167

Fwa system.
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・ For the stretching margin of self-bonding tape, see the instruction manual for the
・ When wrapping self-bonding tape, start at the base of the small window and end at
the end of the waterproof sleeve. Next, reverse the direction and end at the base of
the small window. This procedure makes an attractive wrapping and improves the
waterproof effect by making any air pocketsless likely.
・ Overlapping the wraps also protects against air pockets.
・ Press evenly along the entire length of tape to remove air pockets.
・ Make sure that there are no air pockets between the self-bonding tape and the small
window of the WT or the rubber bushing. Air pockets will degrade the waterproofing
Overlapping half og the previous layer
(cross-sectional view)
Ethernet cable
(2) Wrapping protective PVC tape
Apply the protective PVC tape so that the cold-shrinkable tube is completely hidden. Wrap the
tape from the small Lid of the WT to the Ethernet cable, overlapping half of the previous layer.
Next, reverse the wrapping direction and wrap one more time to the starting point. Using the
PVC tape will guard the self-bonding tape against ultraviolet and other rays. The wrapping
also helps increase strength.
Key point: When wrapping PVC tape, be sure that the self-bonding tape is completely covered
for its protection.
Self-bonding tape
Small window


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