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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E720-0.1K(SC) Instruction Manual Page 107

Fr-e700 series.
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Remote setting function
Use Pr. 59 to select whether the remote setting function is used or not and whether the frequency setting storage function
in the remote setting mode is used or not.
When Pr. 59 is set to any of "1 to 3" (remote setting function valid), the functions of the RH, RM and RL signals are
changed to acceleration (RH), deceleration (RM) and clear (RL).
When using the remote setting function, following frequencies can be compensated to the frequency set by RH and RM
operation according to the operation mode.
During external operation (including Pr. 79 = "4") .................................. external frequency command other than multi-speed
During external operation and PU combined operation (Pr. 79 = "3") .... PU frequency command or terminal 4 input
During PU operation .............................................................................. PU frequency command
Frequency setting storage
The frequency setting storage function stores the remotely-set frequency (frequency set by RH/RM operation) into the
memory (EEPROM). When power is switched OFF once, then ON, operation is resumed with that output frequency value.
(Pr. 59 = 1)
<Frequency setting storage conditions>
Remotely-set frequency is stored in the following timings.
When the start signal (STF or STR) turns OFF.
Every minute after both the RH (acceleration) and RM (deceleration) signals turn OFF (ON). (The frequency is
overwritten if the latest frequency is different from the previous frequency when comparing the two. The state of the
RL signal does not affect writing.)
When the power supply switches to the 24V external power supply while the start signal (STF or STR) is ON. ("EV"
appears on the operation panel when using the safety stop function model with FR-E7DS mounted.
page 338 )
The range of frequency changeable by RH
(acceleration) and RM (deceleration) is 0 to
maximum frequency (Pr. 1 or Pr. 18 setting).
Note that the maximum value of set frequency
is (main speed + maximum frequency).
When the acceleration or deceleration signal switches ON, acceleration/deceleration time is as set in Pr. 44 Second
acceleration/deceleration time and Pr. 45 Second deceleration time. Note that when the time set in Pr. 7 or Pr. 8 is longer than
the time set in Pr. 44 or Pr. 45, the acceleration/deceleration time is as set in Pr. 7 or Pr. 8. (when RT signal is OFF)
When the RT signal is ON, acceleration/deceleration is made in the time set in Pr. 44 and Pr. 45, regardless of the Pr. 7
or Pr. 8 setting.
Even if the start signal (STF or STR) is OFF, turning ON the acceleration (RH) or deceleration (RM) signal varies the
preset frequency.
When switching the start signal from ON to OFF, or changing frequency by the RH or RM signal frequently, set the
frequency setting value storage function (write to EEPROM) invalid (Pr. 59 = "2, 3"). If set valid (Pr. 59 = "1"), frequency
is written to EEPROM frequently, this will shorten the life of the EEPROM.
The RH, RM, RL signals can be assigned to the input terminal using any Pr. 178 to Pr. 184 (input terminal function
selection). When terminal assignment is changed, the other functions may be affected. Set parameters after confirming
the function of each terminal.
Also available for the Network operation mode.
Frequency setting by external terminals
Output frequency is
clamped at Pr. 1
Pr. 1
Main speed setting
Acceleration (RH)
Deceleration (RM)
Forward rotation (STF)
Refer to
The set frequency is clamped
at (main speed + Pr. 1)
Set frequency
Output frequency


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