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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E720-0.1K(SC) Instruction Manual Page 110

Fr-e700 series.
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Setting of acceleration/deceleration time and acceleration/ deceleration pattern
Pr. 20
Acceleration time
Deceleration time
Pr. 7, Pr. 44
Pr. 8, Pr. 45
Example) How to find the setting value for Pr. 7 when increasing the output
frequency to the maximum frequency of 50Hz in 10s with Pr. 20 = 60Hz
(initial setting) and Pr. 13 = 0.5Hz.
Deceleration time setting (Pr. 8, Pr. 20)
Use Pr. 8 Deceleration time to set the deceleration time required to reach 0Hz from Pr. 20 Acceleration/deceleration reference
Set the deceleration time according to the following expression.
time setting
Maximum operating frequency - Pr. 10
Example) How to find the setting value for Pr. 8 when decreasing the output
frequency from the maximum frequency of 50Hz in 10s with Pr. 20 =
120Hz and Pr. 10 = 3Hz.
Change the setting range and increments of the acceleration/deceleration time (Pr. 21)
Use Pr. 21 to set the acceleration/deceleration time and minimum setting range.
Value "0" (initial value) ........................... 0 to 3600s (minimum setting increments: 0.1s)
Value "1" ................................................ 0 to 360s (minimum setting increments: 0.01s)
Changing the Pr. 21 setting changes the acceleration/deceleration time setting (Pr. 7, Pr. 8, Pr. 16, Pr. 44, Pr. 45).
(It does not influence the setting of Pr. 611 Acceleration time at a restart .)
When Pr. 7 is set to "5.0s" at Pr. 21 setting of "0", and then Pr. 21 is changed to "1", the Pr. 7 setting automatically
changes to "0.5s".
Acceleration time setting (Pr. 7, Pr. 20)
Use Pr. 7 Acceleration time to set the acceleration time required to reach Pr. 20
Acceleration/deceleration reference frequency from 0Hz.
Set the acceleration time according to the following formula.
time setting
Pr. 20
Pr. 20
Maximum operating
frequency - Pr. 13
Deceleration time from the maximum operating frequency to a stop
Acceleration time from a stop to the
maximum operating frequency
× 10s
Pr. 7 =
50Hz - 0.5Hz
× 10s
Pr. 8 =


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