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Inverter And Peripheral Devices - Mitsubishi Electric FR-E720-0.1K(SC) Instruction Manual

Fr-e700 series.
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Inverter and peripheral devices

AC power supply
Use within the permissible power supply
specifications of the inverter. To ensure
safety, use a moulded case circuit breaker,
earth leakage circuit breaker or magnetic
contactor to switch power ON/OFF.
(Refer to page 326)
Moulded case circuit breaker
(MCCB) or earth leakage circuit
breaker (ELB), fuse
The breaker must be selected carefully
since an in-rush current flows in the
inverter at power on.
(Refer to page 4)
Magnetic contactor (MC)
Install the magnetic contactor to ensure
safety. Do not use this magnetic contactor
to start and stop the inverter. Doing so will
cause the inverter life to be shorten.
(Refer to page 50)
Reactor (FR-HAL, FR-HEL option)
Reactors (option) must be used when
power harmonics measures are taken,
the power factor is to be improved or the
inverter is installed near a large power
supply system (500kVA or more). The
inverter may be damaged if you do not
use reactors. Select the reactor according
to the model. Remove the jumpers across
terminals P/+ and P1 to connect the DC reactor.
AC reactor (FR-HAL)
EMC filter (ferrite core) *
Install an EMC filter (ferrite core)
to reduce the electromagnetic
noise generated from the
inverter. Effective in the range
from about 1MHz to 10MHz.
When more wires are passed
through, a more effective result
can be obtained. A wire should
be wound four turns or more.
* Filterpack (FR-BFP2), which contains DC reactor and EMC filter in one package, is also available.
High power factor
converter (FR-HC)
Power supply harmonics
can be greatly suppressed.
Install this as required.
The life of the inverter is influenced by surrounding air temperature. The surrounding air temperature should be as low as
possible within the permissible range. This must be noted especially when the inverter is installed in an enclosure. (Refer
to page 8)
Wrong wiring might lead to damage of the inverter. The control signal lines must be kept fully away from the main circuit
to protect them from noise. (Refer to page 14)
Do not install a power factor correction capacitor, surge suppressor or capacitor type filter on the inverter output side.
This will cause the inverter to trip or the capacitor and surge suppressor to be damaged. If any of the above devices are
connected, immediately remove them.
Electromagnetic wave interference
The input/output (main circuit) of the inverter includes high frequency components, which may interfere with the
communication devices (such as AM radios) used near the inverter. In this case, install options among the capacitor type
EMC filter FR-BIF (for use in the input side only), the ferrite core type EMC filter FR-BSF01/FR-BLF, filterpack, and EMC
filter to minimize the interference. (Refer to page 44).
Refer to the instruction manual of each option and peripheral devices for details of peripheral devices.
Parameter unit
DC reactor (FR-HEL) *
Inverter (FR-E700)
EMC filter
(capacitor) *
Reduces the
radio noise.
Brake unit
Power regeneration
Resistor unit (FR-BR)
common converter
Discharging resistor (GZG, GRZG)
Great braking capability
The regenerative braking capability
is obtained.
of the inverter can be exhibited fully.
Install this as required.
Install this as required.
Inverter and peripheral devices
USB connector
A personal computer and an inverter
can be connected with a
USB (Ver1. 1) cable.
Enclosure surface
(Refer to page 245)
operation panel
By connecting the connection
cable (FR-CB2) to the PU
connector, operation can be
performed from FR-PU07,
(Refer to page 33)
R/L1 S/L2 T/L3
Earth (Ground)
Devices connected to the output
Do not install a power factor correction capacitor,
surge suppressor or capacitor type filter on the output
side of the inverter. When installing a moulded case
circuit breaker on the output side of the inverter,
contact each manufacturer for selection of the
moulded case circuit breaker.
Earth (Ground)
To prevent an electric shock, always earth (ground)
the motor and inverter. For reduction of induction noise
from the power line of the inverter, it is recommended
to wire the earthing cable by returning it to the earth
(ground) terminal of the inverter.
Approved safety
relay module
Required for compliance with
safety standard. Only the
safety stop function model
can be connected.
Brake resistor
(FR-ABR, MRS type, MYS type)
Braking capability can be improved. (0.4K
or more)
Always install a thermal relay when using
a brake resistor whose capacity is 11K or
more. (Refer to page 35)
EMC filter (ferrite core)
Install an EMC filter (ferrite core)
to reduce the electromagnetic
noise generated from the inverter.
Effective in the range from about
1MHz to 10MHz. A wire should be
wound four turns at a maximum.
Earth (Ground)


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