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Mitsubishi Electric FR-E720-0.1K(SC) Instruction Manual Page 266

Fr-e700 series.
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Useful functions
Main circuit capacitor life display (Pr. 258, Pr. 259)
The deterioration degree of the control circuit capacitor is displayed in Pr. 258 as a life.
On the assumption that the main circuit capacitor capacitance at factory shipment is 100%, the capacitor life is displayed
in Pr. 258 every time measurement is made.
When the measured value falls to or below 85%, Pr. 255 bit 1 is turned ON and also an alarm is output to the Y90 signal.
Measure the capacitor capacity according to the following procedure and check the deterioration level of the capacitor
1) Check that the motor is connected and at a stop.
2) Set "1" (measuring start) in Pr. 259.
3) Switch power OFF. The inverter applies DC voltage to the motor to measure the capacitor capacity while the inverter is
4) After confirming that the LED of the operation panel is OFF, power ON again. (When using the 24V external power
supply, turn ON the power again after "EV" appears.)
5) Check that "3" (measuring completion) is set in Pr. 259, read Pr. 258, and check the deterioration degree of the main
circuit capacitor.
Pr. 259
When the main circuit capacitor life is measured under the following conditions, "forced end" (Pr. 259 = "8") or "measuring error"
(Pr. 259 ="9") occurs or it remains in "measuring start" (Pr. 259 = "1"). Therefore, do not measure in such case.
In addition, even when "measurement completion" (Pr. 259 = "3") is confirmed under the following conditions, normal
measurement can not be done.
(a) FR-HC, FR-CV is connected.
(b) DC power supply is connected to the terminal P/+ and N/-.
(c) The power supply switched ON during measurement.
(d) The motor is not connected to the inverter.
(e) The motor is running (coasting)
(f) The motor capacity is two rank smaller as compared to the inverter capacity.
(g) The inverter is tripped or a fault occurred when power is OFF.
(h) The inverter output is shut off with the MRS signal.
(i) The start command is given while measuring.
(j) The parameter unit (FR-PU04/FR-PU07) is connected.
(k) Use terminal PC as power supply.
(l) I/O terminal of the control terminal block and plug-in option is ON (continuity).
(m)Plug-in option is fitted. (only for the 0.75K or less)
(n) "EV" is displayed on the operation panel. (The main circuit power supply is OFF and the 24V external power supply is ON.)
(When using the safety stop function model with FR-E7DS mounted.
Turning the power ON during measuring before LED of the operation panel turns OFF, it may remain in "measuring" (Pr. 259 =
"2") status. In such case, carry out operation from step 2.
For accurate life measurement of the main circuit capacitor, wait 3 hours or longer after turning OFF. The
temperature left in the main circuit capacitor affects measurement.
When measuring the main circuit capacitor capacity (Pr. 259 Main circuit capacitor life measuring = "1"), the DC
voltage is applied to the motor for 1s at powering OFF. Never touch the motor terminal, etc. right after
powering OFF to prevent an electric shock.
No measurement
Measurement start
During measurement
Measurement complete
Forced end
Measurement error
Initial value
Measurement starts when the power supply
is switched OFF.
Only displayed and cannot be set
Refer to page 338 )


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