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Statistics - Sartorius Factory Series FC06BBE-S Operating Instructions Manual

Industrial weighing tech.
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With this application program you
can have weight values and
calculated values totalized and
statistically evaluated.
The values determined for the
evaluation are:
– average
– standard deviation
– variation coefficient
– sum of all values
– lowest value (minimum)
– highest value (maximum)
– difference between the minimum
and the maximum
You can use the statistics application
in combination with a program
chosen from Application 1 (e.g.,
counting, weighing in percent) and
one from Application 2 (check-
weighing, time-controlled functions).
Available Features
– Totalization of weight values and
calculated values
– Simultaneous storage of net and
calculated values
– Optional configuration in the
Setup menu for loading weight
values and calculated values
either from Application 1 (e.g.,
counting, weighing in percent) or
from Application 2 (checkweigh-
ing, time-controlled functions)
– Totalization memory for up to
65535 values
– Simultaneous display in the text
line of transaction counter and,
e.g., the current total
– Optional configuration in
the Setup menu for having the
scale tare automatically
after a value is stored in the
totalization memory
– Manual input of the number of
individual weighing operations
(enter on numeric keys and press
). Result printed and
memory cleared when number
entered has been reached.
– Optional configuration in the
Setup menu to add the current
weight, with display accuracy,
to the current total by pressing
soft key and generate
a printout of the result
– Optional configuration in the
Setup menu for stability-depen-
dent storage of the measured
Stability range
– Optional automatic storage of
measured values
Storage of measured value is
indicated by
indicates that you can place
a load on the scale.
– Minimum load threshold for
automatic storage
– Press the
soft key to
delete the last value added to
the totalization memory.
The transaction counter value
is reduced by one and a printout
is generated.
– Press the
: soft key for
information about number of
transactions and the current total.
By configuring the Setup menu,
you can define whether the infor-
mation is displayed and printed,
or only printed, and whether the
information comprises an inter-
mediate or final evaluation
(see the example)
– In the Info window you can
choose which value is displayed
in the text line during weighing
– Printout of the end result
depending on the Application 1
or Application 2 parameters.
Configure the Setup menu to
define which values are included
on the printout (Printout of
individual components)
– Press
for a printout of an
intermediate evaluation after each
addition or a final evaluation
– Optional configuration in the
Setup menu to clear the
totalization memory and reset the
transaction counter by pressing
c or after an evaluation
is printed out
– Totalization data and transaction
counter data are stored in non-
volatile memory
– Continue totalization after turning
the scale off and back on
Factory Settings
Automatic storage:
Minimum load for automatic storage:
10 digits
Source of data for auto storage:
Application 1
Evaluated values:
Evaluation mode, MR key function:
evaluation, print
M+/M– function, then tare:
Printout of individual components:
Stability range:
1-3-4 2 increments
Tare after individual printout:
Soft Key Functions
Add weight values or
application values to the
total in the totalization
memory. The component
or transaction counter
value increases by one
each time you press
this key.
Delete the last value
added to memory. The
transaction counter value
decreases by 1. You
cannot delete previous
values by repeatedly
pressing this key.
Print or display an
intermediate or final
Store the input number
of components


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