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Sartorius Factory Series FC06BBE-S Operating Instructions Manual Page 47

Industrial weighing tech.
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To calculate a piece count, the average weight of one piece must be known.
This average piece weight can be entered into the Counting program in one of
three ways:
– Enter the average piece weight using the numeric keys and store it;
– The last reference sample quantity entered is loaded and displayed when you
turn on the scale. Place the same number of parts on the scale and initialize
the Counting program;
– With automatic initialization parameter on, the scale goes into the
"Counting" mode when you turn it on and loads the last average piece
weight and corresponding reference sample quantity that were
entered or calculated.
Reference Sample Updating
You can have the average piece weight updated during counting (with
the piece count displayed) if "AWP update" is set to "manual" or "automatic"
in the Setup menu. Manual updating can only be performed when
soft key is displayed. Reference sample updating must be
completed before using an application program from Application 3.
soft key is displayed when:
– the scale has reached stability (stability symbol displayed)
– the current piece count is less than double the original piece count
– the current piece count is less than 100
– the internally calculated piece count (e.g., 17.24) differs from the nearest
whole number (here: 17) by less than 0.3
Reference updating can be repeated several times with an approximately
doubled piece count.
§ To perform reference updating: Press the
§ Turn on the scale: Press e/[ON/OFF]
> Sartorius logo is displayed, self-test is performed
§ Select the Counting program in the Setup menu: Press M
§ Select the Application menu: Press the
§ Select
Application 1
§ Select
: Q or q soft key, repeatedly
§ Confirm
: O soft key
§ Select and confirm:
Average piece weight calculation
Display accuracy
+2 decimal places
Average piece weight updating
see also the "Application Menu (Overview)" in the chapter entitled
"Configuring the Scale"
§ Save settings and exit the Setup menu: Press M
soft key
soft key
: O soft key
+1 decimal place
Operating the Scale
Additional Functions
In addition to the functions for:
– alphanumeric input,
– taring (not during
alphanumeric input),
– printing,
you can also access the following
functions from this application:
– calibration (not during
alphanumeric input),
– toggling to the next application
(e.g., checkweighing),
– setup,
– turning off the scale.
§ Press the
> See "Calibration/Adjustment"
for further instructions
Toggling to the Next Application
§ Press D/[TOGGLE]
> See the section on the
corresponding application
program for further instructions
Setup (setting parameters)
§ Press M
> See "Configuring the Scale"
for further instructions
Turning Off the Scale
§ Press e/[ON/OFF]
> The scale shuts off
> The display goes blank
soft key


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