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Nas Removal From The 37U Rack (Standard); Nas Removal From The 37U Rack (Earthquake Feature); Display Removal; Display Assembly Removal (Earthquake Feature) - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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NAS Removal from the 37U Rack (Standard)

1. Disconnect the power cable of the display from the power source, and slide the
Figure 5-2. Display Removal
2. Slide the NAS out of the rack.
3. Install the NAS on a table, then go to "FRU Exchange" on page 5-8.

NAS Removal From the 37U Rack (Earthquake Feature)

1. At the front of the rack remove the screws B .
Figure 5-3. Display Assembly Removal (Earthquake Feature)
display out of the rack (see Figure 5-2).
Chapter 5. Nways Switch Administration Station FRU and Display Exchange Procedures



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