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Unpacking The Nways Switch Administration Station And Its Display; Installing The Nas On A Table; Power Switch - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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Installing the NAS and Its Modem

Unpacking the Nways Switch Administration Station and Its Display

1. ____ Unpack the system unit, display, and the keyboard.
2. ____ Unpack the modem and verify that all items have been received.
the power plug, check the setting of the voltage selection switch 1 at the rear of
your NAS (see Figure 1-1). If you set this switch to the wrong position, you might
damage your NAS when you turn it ON. If you need to adjust the voltage setting,
use a ballpoint pen to slide the switch to the correct position.
v If the voltage range in your country is between 90 and 137 volts, check to see
v If the voltage range in your country is between 180 and 265 volts, check to see
Figure 1-1. Power Switch
Are you going to install the NAS in the rack ?
v No, go to "Installing the NAS on a Table".
v Yes; if the NAS is installed in:

Installing the NAS on a Table

1. ____ Obtain a table large enough to accommodate the system unit, display,
2. ____ Put the system unit, the display, and the keyboard on the table and install
3. ____ See Figure 1-2 on page 1-3 to locate the cables and Figure 1-3 on
1. U means EIA Unit (1.75 in.)
2220 Setup and Service Guide
The 2220 models 300, 500, and 501 are installed in a 37U
rack. In this manual the 2220 are shown in a 37U rack. The 29U rack is
shown only when the procedures are different from the 37U rack.
Before connecting the Nways Switch Administration Station (NAS) to
that "110" or "115" is visible.
that "220" or "230" is visible.
– A 37U rack, go to "Installing the NAS in a 37U Rack" on page 1-5.
– A 29U rack, go to "Installing the NAS in a 29U Rack" on page 1-17.
keyboard, and the modem.
the stand's display.
page 1-4 to locate the NAS connectors, then install the following cables:
a. Cable A from the display to NAS connector 1 .
rack or 29U



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