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Nas Installation Into A 37U Rack (Earthquake Feature); Detail Of Lower Plate Installation; Nas And Display Installation In A 37U Rack - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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Figure 1-7. Detail of Lower Plate Installation
Figure 1-8. NAS and Display Installation in a 37U Rack
4. ____ Install the display on the top of the NAS.
5. ____ Go to "Connecting the NAS to the Display and Keyboard in the 37U Rack"

NAS Installation into a 37U Rack (Earthquake Feature)

1. ____ Install the brackets (PN 43G3111) for the NAS if not already done. See
on page 1-14.
Figure 1-9 on page 1-8 for bracket positioning and Figure 1-10 on page 1-8 for
bracket installation.
Installing the NAS and Its Modem
Chapter 1. Installing and Configuring the NAS and Its Modem



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