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From The Network Support Center Console; Slip Driver Error Status - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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Figure 3-3. SLIP Driver Error Status
4. Record the following information, then call the Network Support Center.
Note: These two addresses are displayed in Figure 3-2 on page 3-5 or in

From the Network Support Center Console

The following procedure gives an example to the Network Support Center to
validate the link to the 2220 installed.
1. Double-click on Slip Start.
2. Then follow the prompts to record the new customer information.
3. Select the option to call the modem.
4. Double-click on Nways Switch resource control.
5. Enter the host name, user name, and password to access the 2220 installed.
6. Wait for the display of the whole configuration.
2220 Setup and Service Guide
v The NAS SLIP IP address
v The Network Support Center SLIP IP address (remote SLIP address)
v The modem phone number
v The node name
v The user name
v The FTP password
Figure 3-3. In this example, the NAS SLIP IP address is and the
Network Support Center SLIP address is



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