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Map 0500: After Board Or Battery Exchange On Nas Based On 6563 - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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MAP 0500:
After Board or Battery Exchange on NAS Based on 6563
Attention: If you have changed the board, ensure that you have received the
corresponding BIOS code. Otherwise contact your support structure.
– Power on the Nways Switch administration station and the display using their
– A count of the computer memory appears at the upper-left corner of the display.
Is there an error detected?
– Continue with Step 004.
– If an error is detected, a message appears requesting an action. Select
– Follow the prompts to continue until the Configuration/Setup Utility window
– On the Configuration/Setup Utility window, an arrow points to the area where
– At the end of configuration, a message asks you if you want to save your
– Select YES and press the Enter key to start the system.
– Continue with Step 006 on page 5-17.
– At the end of the boot, the Nways Switch Desktop window should appear.
2220 Setup and Service Guide
respective power ON/OFF switches located on the front panels.
– Continue with Step 005.
Continue, then press Enter.
the configuration has been modified. See "Appendix B. Nways Administration
Station Configuration / Setup Utility for 6563 Model 65U" on page B-1 to check
the configuration and correct it if necessary (check the date and time even if no
arrow points to them).



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