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Installing And Connecting The Hayes Modem - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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Installing and Connecting the Hayes Modem

1. Unpack and install the modem on the rear side of the NAS.
Figure 1-41. Hayes Modem Front View
Figure 1-42. Hayes Modem Rear View
2. See Figure 1-43 on page 1-38 and connect the cables as follows:
1. If you are not familiar with the Hayes modem, refer to the Hayes user's
2. Power and frequency requirements:
v Input voltage: 230 V +/-10%, 50 Hz (ac)
v Nominal output voltage: 9 V ac
v Maximum output voltage: 12.1 V ac
v Rated load current: 800 mA ac 50 Hz
Note: Cables 1 and 2 are country-dependent.
a. ____ Connect the power cable 1 from connector "9.0V-AC" to a
standard 3-pin grounded ac outlet.
b. ____ Connect the interface cable 3 from the "DTE INTERFACE"
modem's connector to the NAS's connector 4 .
c. ____ Connect the switched network telecommunication cable 2
from the line connector to the telecommunication line.
Installing the NAS and Its Modem
Chapter 1. Installing and Configuring the NAS and Its Modem



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