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Glossary - IBM 300 Service Manual

Nways switch administration station
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The following are the abbreviations and technical
terms used in the 2220 Nways Switch library.
2220. The IBM 2220 Nways BroadBand Switch (also
called Nways Switch) is a fast packet switch enabling
high-speed communications over a broadband network.
It implements the functions of the IBM Networking
BroadBand Services (NBBS) architecture.
2220-300. 2220 Nways Switch Model 300.
2220-500. 2220 Nways Switch Model 500.
2220-501. 2220 Nways Switch Model 501.
2220 NSM. 2220 Nways Switch Manager
AAL. ATM adaptation layer.
ABR. Availability bit rate. A best effort service with a
minimum bit rate and a maximum cell loss value.
ac. Alternating current.
access services. Functions that are performed by a
port adapter of the IBM 2220 Nways BroadBand Switch
v Support the attachment of external user devices
through port lines
v Prepare user data packets
v Control the input traffic on port lines
v Manage line protocols.
active remote connector (ARC). A connector that
supplies the electrical and physical interfaces between a
line interface coupler type 511 (LIC511) in an Nways
Switch subrack and data circuit-terminating equipment
(DCE) or data terminal equipment (DTE). ARCs are
housed in line connection boxes (LCBs).
adapter. An Nways Switch module that can be used,
depending on its hardware type and the code that it
runs, as:
Control point adapter
Port adapter
Trunk adapter
Voice server adapter.
A trunk or port adapter is associated with a line
interface coupler (LIC). A voice server adapter can be
associated with a voice server extension (VSE).
ADPCM. Adaptive differential pulse code modulation.
AIS. Alarm indicator signal.
AIX. Advanced Interactive Executive.
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alarm and power control (APC). In an Nways Switch,
a module that connects the NAS, reports alarms, and
controls the power supplies.
Alert Manager. An application that processes the SNA
alerts received from IBM 3746s operating in IP mode.
AMI. Alternate mark inversion.
ANSI. American National Standards Institute.
APC. Alarm and power control (module).
AR. Access rate.
ARC. Active remote connector.
asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). A high-speed,
connection-oriented switching and multiplexing protocol
that transmits different types of traffic (voice, video, and
data) simultaneously.
ATM. Asynchronous transfer mode.
ATMAn. ATM adapter type n (module).
ATM adaptation layer (AAL). In ATM devices, a set of
protocols that adapt non-ATM devices to an ATM
network. There are several classes of ATM adaptation
layers which represent the main traffic types (for
example, data, voice, and video).
ATM network interface. A logical resource generated
by the Nways Switch Control Program to provide access
services to a physical ATM port or trunk line. An ATM
network interface sets up and maintains predefined ATM
virtual connections.
AT&T. American Telephone & Telegraph (Company).
B8ZS. Bipolar eight-zero substitution.
Bc. Burst committed.
Be. Burst in excess.
bearer service profile (BSP). A set of parameters that
defines a type of ISDN traffic (speech, audio, data, or
video). One BSP is associated with each ISDN
numbering plan table.
BECN. Backward explicit congestion notification.
B-ICI. Broadband inter-carrier interface.
BMI. Byte multiplexer interface.
BNC. Bayonet Niell-Concelman.
bps. Bit per second.



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