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Timeout (ms)

Config Tab

The Config tab provides a list of all access points (APs) and peer stations in range. You can create and edit SSID profiles for
access points that you want your station to associate with.
Preferred Profiles
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
Displays the current timeout; 500 is the default. Increase or decrease it by tapping
the up and down arrow buttons.
Tap this button to clear IP Address input and the ping statistics field.
Tap this button to ping the IP address entered in the input field.
This section lists the pinging IP address and the pinging results.
This section displays a list of preferred profiles for APs in the network, created by the user, or added
from the Active SSIDs table. When turned on, the radio searches for the APs in the exact order shown
in the list of profiles. This section is blank after the initial installation and each hard reset. It will remain
blank if there no automatic association preference selected.
This section contains several icons that enable you to add and configure APs.
This button is always active. Tap it to create a new profile on a series of
screens; for instructions, see
The following buttons activate only when an Active SSID in the Preferred Profile list is selected.
Tap this button to open the configuration screens for the selected SSID.
Tap this button to delete the selected SSID from the Preferred Profile list.
Tap this button to move the selected SSID up one place in the Preferred
Profile list.
To Create a New Profile
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