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Hand Held Products Dolphin 9500 User Manual: Powering Up A Radio

Dolphin 9500 series.
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Powering Up a Radio

To successfully power up a radio, both the hardware module and the software driver must be installed on the terminal. If the
module is present, the radio appears in the Radio Manager. However if the driver is not installed, you cannot successfully power
up the radio. Attempting to do so produces an error in the Status field that tells you that the driver is not installed.
To Power Up a Radio or Radio Combination
1. Open the Radio Manager by going to Start > Settings > Connections tab > Radio Manager. The Radio Manager appears
identifying which radio modules are installed. The highlighted entry is the radio mode that is currently enabled; its Status
should be Ready.
2. Select the radio in the Radio Modes list and tap Apply.
The radio drivers are powered down and powered up in the proper sequence. For example, if the radio powered up is Bluetooth
Only and you try to switch to 802.11b Only, after Apply is tapped, the Radio Manager powers down the Bluetooth radio first, then
powers up the 802.11b radio.
If an error occurs during this process, the radio mode change is abandoned. The resulting radio state is the status of the radios
at the time the error occurred.
Radio Modes
Status field
To Power Down Radios
Radio drivers are automatically powered down if the radio or radio combination that is currently powered up requires it. To power
down all radios, select None and tap Apply.
For more information about 802.11b radios, see
For more information about Bluetooth radios, see
For more information about GSM/GPRS radios, see
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
The Radio Modes section displays the radio hardware modules currently installed on the terminal. For
example, if a working Bluetooth module is installed, the box contains the line Bluetooth Only whether
or not that radio is currently powered up.
The Status field provides feedback on the state of the radio. When it reads "Ready," the radio selected
in the Radio Modes box is powered up. The Status field displays error messages when a radio cannot
be enabled.
Wireless LAN Communications with 802.11b
Wireless PAN Communications with Bluetooth
Wireless WAN Communications with GSM/GPRS
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