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1. On the PC, double-click the *.exe or *.setup.exe file. The installation wizard begins.
2. Follow the directions on the PC screen. The installation process includes transferring the software to the terminal.
If the File is Not an Installer:
Some programs cannot be installed on PCs because they are designed for terminals. In these cases, the appropriate files must
be stored on the host PC, transferred via ActiveSync, and installed on the terminal. You will know the program cannot be installed
on the PC if an error message appears when you try to install it stating that the program is valid but designed for a different type
of computer.
1. If you cannot find any installation instructions for the program in the Read Me file or documentation, open ActiveSync and
click Explore.*
2. Navigate to the My Pocket PC folder and copy the program file or files to the Program Files folder on the terminal.
If you want the program to be part of the Autoinstall that occurs after every hard reset, place the program file in the
Autoinstall folder (My Pocket PC > IPSM > Autoinstall).
3. Depending on the program, you may need to open File Explorer on the terminal, navigate to the folder where the program is
located, and tap on the program file to install it.
If you copied the file to the Autoinstall folder, you can either tap on the program inside the Autoinstall folder or perform
a hard reset and the program will install as part of the regular Autoinstall; see
Remember, a hard reset erases RAM data! For more information, see
After installation on the terminal is complete, tap Start > Programs and the program and its icon appears on the Programs
screen. Tap it to open the program.
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
Let Autoinstall Run
Hard Reset (Cold Boot)
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