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Hand Held Products Dolphin 9500 User Manual: Using The Battery Analyzer

Dolphin 9500 series.
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Using the Battery Analyzer

The battery analyzer is located in the fourth slot - named the Charge/Analyze slot - of the ChargeBase. Only a battery
placed in this slot can be run through an Analyze cycle.
Using the Charge/Analyze slot helps you monitor the charge capacity of Li-ion batteries over time.
Analyze Cycle
The Analyze cycle is initiated when a battery is placed in the Charge/Analyze slot and the ANALYZE button
is pressed. In an Analyze cycle, batteries are completely discharged, then recharged to capacity. The length
of time it takes for a battery to complete the Analyze cycle varies depending on the initial state of the battery's
charge. Minimum time is 8 hours, maximum time is 12 hours.
Battery Capacity Indicator LEDs
The Battery Capacity Indicator LEDs are located along the right side of the Charge/Analyze slot. Each LED
equates to 10% battery capacity. These LEDs display the capacity of the battery at the end of the Analyze
cycle. Battery capacity is displayed as a percentage of measured capacity/rated capacity.
Status LED
The Charge/Analyze slot also contains a standard status LED in the upper, left corner of the slot. When this
slot is used for regular charging, this LED operates in the usual manner; see
When this slot is being used to analyze a battery, the status LED functions as follows:
Status LED color
Solid Green
Flashing Orange
Solid Red
To Analyze a Battery
Complete these steps:
1. Insert the battery into the Charge/Analyze slot (the fourth).
2. Press the ANALYZE button. The Status LED flashes orange to indicate that the analyzing cycle has begun.
The Dolphin QuadCharger is accumulating battery pack information during the entire Analyze cycle. Do NOT remove the
battery until the cycle has been completed.
3. Upon completion of the Analyze cycle, the Status LED lights solid green, and the Battery Capacity Indicator LEDs display the
battery's capacity.
Note: You can verify a battery's capacity by installing the battery in a terminal and checking the power; see
for details.
15 - 4
Indicates that the battery in the slot...
Has completed the Analyze cycle.
Is being analyzed.
Encountered an error during the Analyze cycle.
Status LEDs
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
on page 15-2.
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