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The two light emitting diodes (LEDs) located at the top of the LCD display flash and illuminate during resets and
scanning/imaging. Both can be programmed by various software applications.
Scan LED - Located in the upper right corner, this LED lights red when you press the SCAN key.
Decode LED - Located in the upper left corner, this LED lights green when a scanned bar code is successfully decoded.
Dolphin 9500 Series terminals feature a 3.5" liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen and is covered with an industrial,
protective lens. The video graphic array (VGA) resolution is 1/4 (240 X 320 pixel). The touch screen is activated with
the stylus (included with the terminal) or a finger. The LCD display is available in monochrome and color.
Color - The color LCD is 16 bits/pixel and uses active display or thin film transistor (TFT) technology. The backlight for
the display illuminates when the screen is touched, but not when the Backlight key is pressed.
Monochrome - The monochrome LCD is grayscale and 4 bits/pixel. The backlight illuminates when the touch screen
or the Backlight key is pressed. Monochrome units contain an additional contrast setting to enhance readability.
For more information about the Backlight, see
The SCAN key is centrally located for easy access with the right or left hand. When pressed, the SCAN key activates
the scanner/imager. The SCAN key also functions as an on or system wakeup control for the terminal.
Navigation Keys
The centrally-located navigation keys enable you to move and position the cursor through software programs. The up
and down arrows are programmed to perform specific functions when pressed in combination with the Blue and Red
modifier keys.
The Dolphin 9500 Series feature three keyboard options: 35-key numeric/alpha keyboard, 43-key numeric/alpha
keyboard, and 56-key full alpha/numeric keyboard.
Each keyboard is backlit for easy viewing in various lighting conditions and contains centrally located keys for both right-
and left-hand operation. The silver background of both the keys and the overlay enhances the readability of each. The
overlay of all three keyboards are color-coded to indicate the functions performed or characters typed when the color-
coded key is pressed immediately after the Red or Blue Modifier key at the bottom of the keyboard.
For a complete overview of each keyboard, see
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
Adjusting the Backlight
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Using the Keyboards
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