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Hand Held Products Dolphin 9500 User Manual: Using Activesync; Additional Capabilities; Requirements; Synchronizing From Your Desktop Computer

Dolphin 9500 series.
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Using ActiveSync

Using Microsoft ActiveSync, you can synchronize information in Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft
desktop computer with your Dolphin 9500 Series terminal. You can also synchronize this information directly with a Microsoft
Exchange server.
Synchronization compares the data on the desktop computer and the terminal and updates both with the most recent data so
that the information on both is identical.
You can:
• Update the information in Microsoft Pocket Outlook
• Synchronize Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files between your device and desktop computer. Your files are automatically
converted to the correct format.
The most current version of ActiveSync can be downloaded from

Additional Capabilities

With ActiveSync, you can also:
• Back up and restore your device data.
• Copy (rather than synchronize) files between your device and desktop computer.
• Control when synchronization occurs by selecting a synchronization mode. For example, you can synchronize continually
while connected to your desktop computer or only when you choose the synchronize command.
• Select which information types are synchronized and control how much data is synchronized. For example, you can choose
how many weeks of past appointments you want synchronized.


To synchronize, ActiveSync version 3.7 or higher must be installed on both your desktop computer and Dolphin 9500 Series
terminal. Dolphin 9500 Series terminals ship with ActiveSync 3.7 already installed. Therefore, you must install ActiveSync 3.7 on
your desktop computer from the Microsoft Companion CD that came with your terminal.
To install ActiveSync on your desktop computer, insert the Microsoft Companion CD into the CD-ROM drive of your desktop
computer. Click the yellow arrow, then Start Here, and follow the directions on your screen.
When communicating via ActiveSync, your terminal must be connected to the host PC with a peripheral device sold/
manufactured by HHP, such as the Dolphin HomeBase, Dolphin Mobile Base, Dolphin Net Base, Dolphin Mobile Charger
or other Dolphin 9500 series charging/communication cable. Use of any peripheral not sold/manufactured by HHP may
damage your terminal and will void the warranty.
For more information about communication peripherals, see
Series Mobile Base
on page 13-1.Setting Up Your Desktop Computer
When installation of ActiveSync is complete on your desktop computer, the ActiveSync Setup Wizard helps you
connect your terminal to your desktop computer,
set up a partnership so you can synchronize information, and
customize your synchronization settings.

Synchronizing from Your Desktop Computer

Because ActiveSync is already installed on the Dolphin 9500 Series terminal, your first synchronization process begins
automatically when you finish setting up your desktop computer in the wizard and your terminal is connected to the host PC.
After your first synchronization, look at Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks on the terminal. Notice that the same information from
Microsoft Outlook on your desktop computer is now on the terminal. Simply remove the Dolphin from the communication
peripheral and you're ready to use it.
By default, ActiveSync does not automatically synchronize all types of information. Use ActiveSync Options to specify the types
of information you want to synchronize. The synchronization process makes the data (in the information types you select)
identical on both your desktop computer and your device.
For more information about using ActiveSync on your desktop computer, open ActiveSync, then open ActiveSync Help.
6 - 2
on your device by synchronizing it with Microsoft Outlook on your desktop
Dolphin 9500 Series HomeBase
Exchange Server on your
on page 12-1 and
Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computer User's Guide
Dolphin 9500



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