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Dolphin® 9500 Series
Mobile Computers
Windows Mobile ™ 2003
Software for Pocket PCs
Quick Start Guide


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    Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computers Windows Mobile ™ 2003 Software for Pocket PCs ™ Quick Start Guide...

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    Hand Held Products. Hand Held Products shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein; nor for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the furnishing, performance, or use of this material.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Congratulations! ..............1-1 Dolphin 9500 Series Terminals ..........1-1 Dolphin 9500 Series Peripherals and Accessories....1-1 Hardware Overview .............. 1-2 Setting Up Dolphin 9500 Series Terminals......1-4 Unpack the Carton and Verify its Contents ......1-4 Install the Main Battery Pack ..........1-5 Charge the Main and Backup Batteries........

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    Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computers Quick Start Guide...

  • Page 5: Congratulations

    • 7.4V, 14.8 watt hour Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries Dolphin 9500 Series Terminals There are four terminals in the Dolphin 9500 Series: Dolphin 9500 Ergonomic form factor for single-handed use. Dolphin 9550 Integrated pistol grip for high-volume scanning applications. Dolphin 9501 Flashlight form factor a laser scanner and imager.

  • Page 6: Hardware Overview

    Hardware Overview The front, side, and bottom panels of all Dolphin 9500 Series terminals are the same. Front Panel Side Panel Image Engine window Decode LED Scan LED Magnesium- IrDA COM Port alloy top cover Access Door to the LCD with...

  • Page 7

    Dolphin 9500 Back Panel Speaker Stylus (in slot) Microphone Battery Well (underneath the battery) Battery Note: The back panel of the Dolphin 9501 has an expanded bottom housing to accommodate the laser engine. Dolphin 9550 Back Panel Dolphin 9550 and Dolphin 9551 terminals feature an integrated pistol-grip.

  • Page 8: Setting Up Dolphin 9500 Series Terminals

    5. Allow Autoinstall to run - page 8. Unpack the Carton and Verify its Contents Verify that the carton contains the following items: • Dolphin 9500 Series mobile computer (the terminal) • Main battery pack (7.4v Li-ion) • Microsoft Companion CD-ROM •...

  • Page 9: Install The Main Battery Pack

    Use only the Li-ion battery packs provided by Hand Held Products. The use of any battery pack not sold/manufactured by Hand Held Products in the Dolphin 9500 Series terminal will void your warranty and may result in damage to the Dolphin terminal or battery.

  • Page 10

    Using the Mobile Base 1. Connect the Mobile Base to the appropriate power source using a cable from Hand Held Products. 2. Slide the terminal into the terminal well until the Dock LED lights solid green to indicate that the terminal is properly seated.

  • Page 11: Initialize The Mobile Computer

    3. The system performs a hard reset. When the display activates again, follow the instructions that appear. 4. You are prompted to align the screen by tapping the target five times. Use the stylus provided by Hand Held Products. • Alignment should always be performed with a stylus designed for touch screen applications.

  • Page 12

    Do NOT touch the keyboard or the screen while programs are loading. All configurations of the Dolphin 9500 Series install Demos and Utilities. If the terminal is configured with a wireless radio, the appropriate radio drivers and utilities for each radio install.

  • Page 13: Today Screen

    Today Screen When you turn on your device for the first time, you’ll see the Today screen. It provides the tools you need to navigate the system. Navigation Bar The navigation bar at the top of the screen displays the date and time and provides access to the Start menu.

  • Page 14: Verifying Operations With Demos

    Verifying Operations with Demos Dolphin 9500 Series mobile computers contain Demos that you can use to verify imaging and decoding. Verify Imaging The Image Demo enables you to use the imager to capture an image. 1. Go to Start > Demos > Image Demo. The image demo opens.

  • Page 15: Verifying Radio Status

    Only the appropriate drivers for your terminal’s radio configuration install. Radio Combinations Dolphin 9500 Series terminals can be configured with more than one radio. Co-located radios Co-operational radios You can have both radios installed but You can power up and operate both can operate only one at a time.

  • Page 16

    2. Tap Apply. When the radio is powered up, the Status field reads “Success.” 3. Tap OK to save and exit the Radio Manager. For detailed information about the Radio Manager and radio options, see the Dolphin 9500 Series User’s Guide. Dolphin® 9500 Series Mobile Computers Quick Start Guide...

  • Page 17: Adjusting The Backlight

    Adjusting the Backlight Both the keyboard and the display are backlit to enable better viewing in low-light conditions. All terminal configurations contain a Backlight key that toggles the keyboard backlight on and off; see Backlight, page 1-14. Backlight functionality differs for color and monochrome displays. On a Color Display The backlight for the color display is user-defined.

  • Page 18: Entering Information

    • the imager (page 19). Using the Keyboards The Dolphin 9500 Series features three keyboard options: 35-key numeric/alpha, 43-key alpha/numeric, and 56-key full alpha/numeric. Each keyboard is backlit for easy viewing in various lighting conditions and contains centrally located keys for both right- and left-hand operation.

  • Page 19

    Using the Function Keys Name Function The Power key puts the terminal into and wakes the Power terminal from suspend mode. This is also known as suspend/resume. The SCAN key activates the image/scan engine and SCAN “wakes” the terminals from suspend mode. Its position allows convenient one-handed engine activation.

  • Page 20

    35-key Numeric/Alpha Keyboard SCAN key Power key Escape key Shift key Tab key Alpha Lock key Enter key Navigation keys Alpha Lock Indicators Space key Delete key Function keys Backspace key Backlight key CTRL, Blue, Red, ALT Modifier keys Alpha Lock Key Because the 35-key keyboard defaults to numeric mode, the Alpha Lock key appears only on the 35-key keyboard.

  • Page 21

    43-key Alpha/Numeric Keyboard SCAN key Escape key Power key Shift key Tab key Number Lock key Enter key Navigation keys Backlight key (use with SFT to delete) Space key (use with SFT to backspace) CTRL, Blue, Red, ALT Modifier keys Number Lock Key Because the 43-key keyboard defaults to alpha mode, the Number Lock key appears only on the 43-key keyboard.

  • Page 22: Using The Stylus

    For charts of the key combinations associated with each keyboard, see the Appendix A of the Dolphin 9500 Series User’s Guide. Using the Stylus The stylus functions as a mouse; generally, a tap is the same as a click.

  • Page 23: Using The Imager

    The imager can also capture digital images, such as signatures and pictures of damaged inventory. Images are saved in industry-standard file formats. Image Engine Options - Dolphin 9500 and Dolphin 9550 Name Aimer Decodes from …...

  • Page 24

    6. The bar code information is entered into the application in use. Scanning Position Options Dolphin 9500 and Dolphin 9550 terminals equipped with an IT4100SF/SR/HD support omni-directional aiming using a green aiming beam. 1D Linear Bar Code...

  • Page 25: Taking An Image

    Taking an Image The image-capture process is an intuitive, split-second operation. The terminal is capable of saving images in a number of industry-standard file formats such as *.bmp, *.jpg and *.png. The default file format for images is a grayscale *.jpg. Note: The Dolphin 9551 and Dolphin 9501 do not support image capture.

  • Page 26: Suspend Mode

    Communications Dolphin 9500 Series terminals communicate with a host computer or peripheral device via the industrial-grade mechanical connector on the bottom panel, the IrDA port on the side panel, or an integrated wireless radio. For synchronization and data exchange, Dolphin terminals support Microsoft ActiveSync and the wireless connection.

  • Page 27

    Troubleshooting Issue Cause Solution Too many files Delete unnecessary files. Upload files to a stored on the host PC or device with enough memory to terminal. store them. Storage memory Adjust the storage memory allocation. Go to is set too low for Start >...

  • Page 28: Product Service And Repair

    Hand Held Products provides service for all its products through service centers throughout the world. To obtain warranty or non-warranty service, return the unit to Hand Held Products (postage paid) with a copy of the dated purchase record attached. Contact the appropriate location below to obtain a Return Material Authorization number (RMA #) before returning the product.

  • Page 29: Technical Assistance

    Technical Assistance If you need assistance installing or troubleshooting your scanner, please call your Distributor or the nearest Hand Held Products technical support office: North America/Canada: Telephone: (800) 782-4263, option 4 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST) Fax number: (315) 685-4960 E-mail:

  • Page 30: Limited Warranty

    This warranty does not cover any Hand Held Products product which is (i) improperly installed or used; (ii) damaged by accident or negligence, including failure to follow the proper maintenance, service, and cleaning schedule;...

  • Page 31: Fcc Compliance

    • Use only power adapters approved for use by Hand Held Products. Failure to do so may result in improper operation or damage to the unit and will void the warranty. Hand Held Products, Inc. extends these warranties only to the first end-users of the products.

  • Page 32

    1. This device may not cause harmful interference. 2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 33

    (EIRP*) of 10 mW for the 2454-2483 MHz band. Dolphin 9500 GSM R&TTE Compliance Statement The Dolphin 9500 terminal is the only terminal that supports a GSM/GPRS radio. The Dolphin RF is in conformity with all essential requirements of the R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC).

  • Page 34

    The Dolphin Batch terminal does not contain a radio, and therefore, is not affected by microwave ovens. Care and Cleaning of the Dolphin 9500 Series When needed, clean the image engine window and the LCD display with a clean, non- abrasive, lint-free cloth.

  • Page 36

    Hand Held Products, Inc. 700 Visions Drive P.O. Box 208 Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0208 95-9550-WMS-QS Rev D 2/16/05...

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