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Playing Tracks In Random Sequence (Random); Sd/Mmc Operation; Inserting / Removing Sd/Mmc - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

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15.8 Playing tracks in random sequence (Random)

For random playback, press the
button during the playback until the abbreviation "RDM"
appears on the display. The device begins to play a randomly selected track. If the RDM button
is pressed during the playback of a track, this track will be played again from the beginning. All
other tracks will also be played back in random sequence. When the monitor is open, the
message "RANDOM" will appear.
To end the random function, press the
button again until the abbreviation "RDM" is turned off.
The tracks will now be played back in their regular sequence.
If the first track of a multi-session CD contains audio data, only the audio data are played back,
even if other data formats are recorded.

16 SD/MMC operation

16.1 Inserting / removing SD/MMC

To insert an SD/MMC card, please press the
button on the device. Now the operating unit
can be removed. Now you can insert a data carrier into the SD/MMC card slot
. Please insert
your SD/MMC card into the card slot
with the contacts towards the top and front until it
audibly snaps into position. SD/MMC cards with a storage capacity of up to 2 GB are supported.
To remove an SD/MMC card, again press the card to be removed lightly into the device until it
snaps out. Afterwards you can remove the card from the slot.
After removing the card, the device automatically switches to CD/DVD as a playback source. If
a data carrier has been inserted, it will be played back. If no data carrier is inserted, the device