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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Listening To The Pad While In Record/edit Mode; Exit By Saving Or Deleting Changes; Main Page - Record 1

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Exit by saving or deleting changes

When finished editing, you can save your Pad in memory, or
cancel any change.
• To save changes, select the "Write Pad" command from the
page menu (see "Write Pad dialog box" on page 156).
• To cancel all changes, select the "Exit from Record" command
from the page menu, or press the RECORD button, to exit from
record and return to the main page of the Style Record mode.
Hint: Save often while recording, to avoid accidentally losing your
changes to the Pad.
Listening to the Pad while in Record/Edit
While you are in Pad Record or Pad Edit mode, you can listen to
the selected Chord Variation. To select a Chord Variation, go to
the Main page of the Record/Edit mode.
When you are in the Main, Event Edit, Quantize, Trans-
pose, Velocity, or Delete pages, you can listen to the selected
Chord Variation. Press START/STOP to check how it
works. Press START/STOP again to stop the playback.
When you are in the Sounds/Expression, Keyboard Range,
Chord Table, Trigger/Tension, Delete All, Copy, Style Ele-
ment Controls or Style Control pages, you can listen to the
whole Pad. Press START/STOP and play some chords to do
your tests.
Note: In this mode, the pattern is always played back in loop, even
if the "Pad Type" parameter is set to "One Shot" (see page 153).
Note: While in Pad Record mode, the Fingered 3 Chord Recogni-
tion mode is automatically selected.
Pad Record mode
Exit by saving or deleting changes

Main page - Record 1

The Main - Record page of the Pad Record mode looks like a
simplified version of the Main page of the Style Record mode,
with just a single track to be recorded and no Style Elements to
be chosen. The only addition is the "Pad Sync" parameter.
Please look at the User's Manual for more information on the
various parameters. Only general information and differences
with the Style Record mode are described here.
Recording parameters area
Chord Var (Chord Variation)
This parameter lets you select one of the six available Chord
Variations (CV1 ... CV6) for editing or recording.
Note: When this parameter and the assigned value is in small let-
ters (cv1...cv6), the Chord Variation is empty; when it is in capitals
(CV1...CV6), it is already recorded.
Use this parameter to set the quantization during record-
Pad Sync
This parameter allows you to set a synchronization mode for the
Pad's pattern.
No synchronization. The sequence will start as
soon as you press the PAD button.
The pattern will start immediately, in sync with
the arranger's or active sequencer's tempo.
Depending on the current position of the beat
counter, it might not start from its very begin-
ning; instead, it will continue from the current
For example, if the arranger's or sequencer's beat
counter shows the third beat, and is playing tick
91, the Pad will start from its third beat, at tick
The beat counter
This works exactly as if it was a Fill.


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