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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Songbook; Book

Professional arranger.
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The SongBook is an onboard database that allows you to orga-
nize various "musical resources" (Style, Standard MIDI Files,
KAR files, and – optionally – MP3 files) for easy retrieving.
The SongBook mode overlaps the Style Play and Song Play oper-
ating modes. When you select an entry from the database, the
Style Play or Song Play mode is automatically selected, depend-
ing on the type of file associated with the entry.
In addition to helping you organize your shows, the SongBook
allows you to associate up to four STSs to each Standard MIDI
File or MP3 file, played back in Song Play mode. This way, it is
easy to recall a complete setup for Keyboard tracks, effects, and
the Voice Processor, for realtime playing over a midifile or MP3
For more information on using the SongBook, see the Quick
Guide (starting from page 60).
Note: SongBook entries do not include actual data, but only a
pointer to a Style in memory, a Standard MIDI File, or an MP3
file. When you copy a SongBook file, referenced files are not copied
with it.
Warning: If you load a SongBook list from a storage device
(".SBD" file), the existing one in memory is deleted. Save your old
SongBook list before loading a new one.
The Book page contains the full database of song entries (i.e., an
".SBD" file). While in this page, you can select an entry, and
touch the Select button in the display to start playback.
If the "Enable List Edit" command is selected in the page menu
(see above), the "Add to list" button becomes available, to let you
add entries to the selected Custom List.
List Header
Each entry of this database may include the song's author, name,
genre, original key, tempo and meter. When selecting one of the
entries, the associated Style, Standard MIDI File or MP3 file is
automatically recalled.
List Header
The List Header may change, depending on the type of data
associated with the selected entry.
When a Style is associated to the entry, the currently
selected entry's name is shown on the left ("N:"), and the
associated Style is shown on the right ("Style:"):
When a Standard MIDI File or MP3 file is associated to the
entry, the list header is split into two parts, with the left half
referring to Sequencer 1, and the right one referring to
Sequencer 2.
Information for the selected entry's name ("N:") and asso-
ciated Standard MIDI File or MP3 file ("S1:" or "S2:") is
given for each sequencer:
Note: If you select a different Style or Standard MIDI File or
MP3 file, the entry's name field ("N:") returns blank (---),
meaning the entry has been modified.
Main list
Full list of the SongBook database. Use the scrollbar (or the
TEMPO/VALUE dial) to browse through the list.
You can touch one of the heading labels above the list to change
the order in which entries are shown. For example, by touching
the "Name" label, the list is alphabetically re-ordered according
to the file names. The selected label turns red, showing the cur-
rently selected ordering.
The corresponding items in the page menu are automatically
updated to reflect these changes (see "Sort by Type/Name/
Main list
Genre/Artist/Key/Tempo/Meter" on page 187).
By touching the label again, the order of the files switches
between ascending and descending.
Use the scrollbar (or the TEMPO/VALUE dial) to scroll the
When this box is checked, only entries matching the selected fil-
ter criteria are shown in the Main list. The box is automatically
checked when you exit from the Filter dialog box by touching
OK (see below).


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