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Professional arranger.
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Kbd/Pad: This Backing Sequence track includes the four Key-
board tracks and the four Pads. After finishing recording, they
will be saved as Song tracks 1-8, as in the following table:
Kbd/Pad track
Upper 1
Upper 2
Upper 3
Pad 1
Pad 2
Pad 3
Pad 4
Metro (Metronome)
This parameter sets the metronome mode during recording.
No metronome click will be heard during record-
ing. A one-bar precount will be played before
starting recording.
Metronome on, with a one-bar precount before
starting recording.
Metronome on, with a two-bar precount before
starting recording.
Metronome tempo. Select this parameter and use the TEMPO/
VALUE controls to change the tempo. As an alternative, when a
different parameter is selected, or you are in a different page,
keep the SHIFT button pressed and use the DIAL to change the
tempo of the sequencer.
(Non Editable). This parameter shows the Time Signature of the
selected Style for reference.
PERF or STS (Performance or STS)
This parameter shows the selected Performance or STS (depend-
ing on the latest item selected).
To select a Performance, either touch it, or press one of the PER-
FORMANCE/SOUND buttons (provided the PERFORMANCE
SELECT LED is turned on), to open the Style Select window and
select a different Performance (see "Style Select window" on
page 81).
To select an STS, use the four SINGLE TOUCH SETTING but-
tons under the display.
Backing Sequence grouped tracks area
Grouped tracks status indicators
These giant indicators show the status of the Backing Sequence
grouped tracks. They reflect the status of the Kbd/Pad and Ch/
Acc parameters (see "Chord/Acc, Kbd/Pad" above).
Selected track info area
This line lets you see the Sound assigned to the selected track.
See "Selected track info area" on page 190 for more information.
Record mode: Backing Sequence (Quick Record) page
Song track/Channel
Sequencer operating mode
Track volume/status area
This area is where you can set the volume of each single Key-
board track, and mute/unmute tracks.
Virtual sliders (track volume)
Graphical display of each track's volume. See "Virtual slider
(track volume)" on page 191 for more information.
Individual track status icons
While you can change the status of all Keyboard tracks at once,
by using the Kbd/Pad Backing Sequence track, you can also
change the status of each single track. Touch this icon to change
the status of the corresponding individual track.
Play status. The track can be heard.
Mute status. The track cannot be heard.
Track names
Under the sliders, a label for each track is shown.
Audio inputs.
UPPER1...3 Upper tracks.
Lower track.
Backing Sequence (Quick Record) recording
Here is the general procedure to follow for the Backing Sequence
(Quick) Recording.
Press SEQUENCER to enter the Song mode.
Press the RECORD button, and select the "Backing
Sequence (Quick Record)" option to enter the Backing
Sequence (Quick Record) mode. Now you can prepare
your recording parameters. (For more details, see "Record
mode: Backing Sequence (Quick Record) page" on
page 196).
The latest selected Style is currently selected. If it is not the
right one, select a different Style to start recording with.
(See "Style Select window" on page 81).
The latest selected Performance or STS is currently
selected. If you prefer, select a different Performance or
STS. (See "Performance Select window" on page 80, and
"STS Select" on page 82).
Select the status of the Backing Sequence grouped tracks,
using the Kbd/Pad and Ch/Acc parameters. (Kbd/Pad stays
for Keyboard and Pads; Ch/Acc stays for Chord and
Accompaniment, i.e. the Style tracks). To record all you
play on the keyboard, plus the automatic accompaniment,
leave their status to Rec (see "Track status icons" on
page 193).
Warning: Tracks set to REC are automatically overwritten
when starting recording. Set a track to the PLAY or MUTE
status, when you don't want to delete it. For example, if you
are recording a keyboard part on an existing Style track, set
the Ch/Acc parameter to PLAY, and the Kbd/Pad track to


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