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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Custom List; List Edit

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Custom List

Use this page to select and use one of the available Custom Lists
(contained in the "LISTDB.SBL" file saved in the same folder as
the ".SBD" SongBook file). Custom Lists are lists made of entries
extracted from the main SongBook list (as seen in the Book
page). They allow the use of smaller, customized SongBook lists,
suitable for a single gig or your own music tastes.
List Header
Hint: You can jump to this page by keeping SHIFT pressed, and
pressing the SONGBOOK button.
List header
See "List Header" on page 180.
Custom list
List of files contained in the selected Custom List. Use the scroll-
bar to browse through the list. (As an alternative, use Shift +
Use the scrollbar (or the TEMPO/VALUE controls) to scroll the
List pop-up menu
Use this pop-up menu to select one of the available lists.
Touch this button to select the next entry in the list.
Hint: You can assign this command to an Assignable Switch or
Assignable Footswitch.
Touch this button to confirm selection of the highlighted entry
in the list. After touching this button, the name of the selected
entry appears in the left upper corner of the display ("N:").
Hint: This command is useful to browse through the list, and select
an entry different than the following one in the list.

List Edit

This page is only available after checking the "Enable List Edit"
command in the page menu (see page 187).
Use this page to edit the available Custom Lists. A Custom List is
a set of SongBook entries, created by selecting items from the
Main List.
To add entries to a Custom List, first create or select the list to be
edited in this page. Then, go to the Book page, select the entry to
be added, and touch the "Add to list" button. When finished
adding entries, return to this page and edit the selected list.
Custom list
List Name
List Name
Name of the selected list. To select a Custom List, go to the "Cus-
tom List" page and use the List pop-up menu.
Custom list
List of songs contained in the selected Custom List. Use the
scrollbar to browse through the list.
Use the scrollbar (or the TEMPO/VALUE dial) to scroll the
Use these buttons to move the selected song entry up or down in
the list.
Del Song
Touch this button to delete the selected song entry from the list.
New List
Touch this button to create a new, empty Custom List.
Note: The maximum number of Custom Lists in a SongBook file is
256 lists.
Del List
Touch this button to delete the current list.
Custom List
Custom list


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