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Korg Pa800 User Manual Page 253

Professional arranger.
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Select the bank you are looking for, and touch Open to
open it. A list of User (or Favorite Style) items appears.
Select the item you are looking for, and touch Load to con-
firm the load. A dialog box appears, asking you to select
one of the available User (or Favorite Style) locations in
In the dialog box above, the previously selected Style will be
loaded into location 01 of the bank U01 (USER1 button) in
memory. The existing Style at the same memory location
will be deleted and overwritten.
Empty locations are named <empty>.
Select the target location, and touch OK to load the source
Warning: After confirming, the item you are overwriting in
memory will be deleted.
Note: If a Sound or Drum Kit based on external PCM sam-
ples is deleted, choose the "Delete" command from the page
menu of the Sampling mode to delete the unused samples (see
the "Advanced Edit" addendum in the Accessory CD).
Note: If you are loading a Sound or Drum Kit that makes use
of an external PCM sample, the sample is automatically
loaded (unless it is already in memory). This way, all needed
samples are always loaded together with the Sound or Drum
Kit making use of them. See also "PCM Autoload" and "Load
PCM button" on page page 258.
Loading Pa1X data
You can load Pa1X data exactly as if they were Pa800 data. Minor
differences might exist between effect parameters. Also, keep in
mind Voice Harmony is only 3 voices in the Pa800, while it is 4
voices in the Pa1X. Some other parameters are missing in the
Voice Processor section.
At the same time, most Pa800 data can be read by any Pa1X
(provided it is fitted with Operating System v. 3.0 or higher).
However, keep in mind the following:
Pa800 has a more extensive range of effects, that might not
exist on the Pa1X.
Media edit mode
Due to the different content and organization, the Song-
Book will point to different Styles.
Loading Pa80/60/50 data
You can load Pa80/60/50 data exactly as if they were Pa800 data.
The only difference is that the "SOUND" folder of Pa800 is
called "PROGRAM" in the Pa80/60/50. Therefore, to load
Sounds from Pa80/60 disks, you must accomplish one of the fol-
lowing operations:
Either rename the "PROGRAM" folder "SOUND" (by
using a personal computer) before loading a ".SET" folder;
First load the ".SET" folder, then separately load the ".PCG"
file from the "PROGRAM" folder.
Loading i-Series data
Pa800 is compatible with the Styles of the older i-Series instru-
ments. You can load them as if they were ordinary Pa800 data.
Copy the old i-Series data into an USB device, or transfer
them to the internal SSD-U area or hard disk of the Pa800.
Press MEDIA to go to the Media mode. Select the Load
page if needed.
While in the Load page, select the device containing the i-
Series data from the Device pop-up menu.
If you are reading an i30 file, select the ".SET" folder and
touch the Open button in the display.
Select the ".STY" folder.
At this point, you can load the whole ".STY" folder, or open
it and select a single Style.
• To load the whole folder, touch the Load button in the
display. If it contains more than 16 Styles, they will be
loaded into the USER banks sequentially, otherwise you
will be prompted to select one of the three USER Style
banks or the ten FAVORITE Style banks in memory. Once
the target bank is selected, touch Load to load the bank.
The "Are you sure?" message will appear. Touch OK to con-
firm, or Cancel to abort.
• To load a single Style, touch Open in the display to open
the ".STY" folder. Since a conversion will be started at this
point, please wait some seconds for the operation to be
Select the Style to load, then touch Load. You will be
prompted to select a target location in memory. Once the
target location is selected, touch Load to load the Style. The
"Are you sure?" message will appear. Touch OK to confirm,
or Cancel to abort.
Note: Loading a whole ".SET" folder from an i30 file may take
very long. You are advised to load a single bank or a single
Style a time.
Go to the Style Play mode, and select (one of) the loaded
Style. Adjust the Tempo, then select the "Write Current
Style Performance" to write changes to the Style Perfor-
mance. Touch OK twice to confirm.
Due to the difference in Sounds, you will probably want to
make some adjustments to the old Styles, once they are


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