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Korg Pa800 User Manual Page 169

Professional arranger.
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assigned, to scroll (respectively) to the previous or next text
Note: When a ".TXT" file is loaded with the Song, it overrides any
included Lyrics data.
On-the-fly TXT loading
When a Song does not contain any Lyrics metadata or has no
".TXT" file linked, the "No lyrics. Press SHIFT and touch here to
load a TXT file" message appears in the display when you go to a
Seq. Lyrics page.
When this message appears, and you want to load a ".TXT" file,
keep the SHIFT button pressed and touch the center of the dis-
play. A standard file selector appears, and lets you look for
".TXT" file to be loaded while the current Song is playing.
Hint: When the file selector appears, you can use the Search
) function to search a ".TXT" file in the various media. See
"Searching files" on page 244 for more information.
Markers side tabs
Standard Song Markers contained in a midifile can be read with
the Pa800, to quickly jump to a given position in the Song. Addi-
tionally, you can set your own marker points on-the-fly.
Touch one of these side tabs to access the Marker panel corre-
sponding to one of the two sequencers.
Note: Markers do not work when the Groove Quantize is activated.
Note: It is not advisable to program them with a Jukebox file
assigned to Sequencer 1, since pressing PLAY/STOP would delete
the markers.
How to add a marker:
Go to the Song Play > Mark Seq.1 (Seq.2) page.
Start the Song by pressing the SEQ.1 (SEQ.2) PLAY/STOP
button (however, markers can be added even while the
sequencer is not running).
Song Play operating mode
When you reach the position you want to save as a marker,
touch the Add button in the display.
• If you touch Add within the first beats of the measure, the
beginning of the current measure is saved as a marker.
• If you touch Add within the last beat of the measure, the
beginning of the following measure is saved as a marker.
Do the same for any following marker.
Stop the Song by pressing the SEQ.1 (SEQ.2) PLAY/STOP
How to jump to a saved marker:
Start the Song again.
When you want to jump to a saved marker, touch it in the
display. The Song will jump to the saved position at the
beginning of the next measure.
How to edit a marker:
Touch the marker to be edited in the display.
Touch the Edit button in the display to set the marker to
edit. The Edit Marker window will appear.
While in Edit Marker window, you can edit the name and
position of the marker being edited.
How to delete a marker:
Touch the marker to be deleted in the display.
Touch the Delete button in the display to delete the selected
How to save the markers:
Touch the Save Mk button in the display to save all markers.
If you are not in the Lyrics/Score page, choose from the page
menu the "Save Song Marker Seq.1" or "Save Song Marker
Seq.2" (depending on the sequencer where you created the
markers). The markers will be saved into the midifile.
Auto Scroll
Check this parameter if you want the current marker to be
always visible in the display during playback, by making the list
of markers scroll automatically.
Don't check this parameter, if you prefer to prevent the list from
scrolling. This is useful if you want a marker to remain in the
display, ready to be selected as soon as you want to jump to its
position, with no need to scroll the list to catch it out.
Name of the four selected Single Touch Settings (STS). Touch
one of them to select it.
Lyrics / Score panel


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