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Korg Pa800 User Manual Page 188

Professional arranger.
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Book Edit 2
Note: The maximum number of entries in a SongBook file is 3,000
To assign a different name to the entry, touch the
Edit) button to open the Text Edit window.
Select an option to add the new entry to the SongBook:
Select Rename/Overwrite to overwrite an existing entry,
optionally changing its name. Warning: The older entry will
be deleted!
Select New Song to save a new entry to the SongBook data-
Book Edit 2
The Book Edit 2 page is where you select Style options to be
memorized, link a ".TXT" file, and assign a unique number to
the current entry.
Synchro Start / Synchro Stop / Memory
The status of these functions can be memorized in a SongBook
Note: If the SongBook entry is based on a Song, Synchro Start and
Synchro Stop appear in grey and cannot be modified, since they
have no effect on a Song.
When selecting this SongBook entry, the status of
the corresponding function is left unchanged.
When selecting this SongBook entry, the status of
the corresponding function is turned off.
When selecting this SongBook entry, the status of
the corresponding function is turned on.
Linked .TXT
You can select a text (.TXT) file, and link it to the Style or Song
associated with the current SongBook entry. When you select
this entry, the text file is automatically loaded.
Text files can be seen in the display and in an external monitor
(provided the VIF4 Video Interface has been installed). Since
there is no automatic synchronization between this kind of lyrics
and the associated songs, you must scroll them manually. This
can be accomplished in either of two ways:
When a ".TXT" file is selected, a special vertical scrollbar
appears in the Lyrics/STS page of the SongBook mode.
Touch it to scroll through the text during the performance.
See "Lyrics/STS" on page 186.
Scrolling is also possible by means of the Text Page Down/
Up command, that can be assigned to a Footswitch, EC
Switch or Assignable Switch.
This section of the Book Edit 2 page contains two buttons:
Touch this buttons to unlink the text file from the
Touch this button to open a standard File Selec-
tor, and select a ".TXT" file to be linked to the
current SongBook entry.
Song Selection Number
Here you can select a unique number (up to 9,999) to be associ-
ated to the current SongBook entry. By typing this number after
pressing the SONGBOOK button again, you will be able to
quickly recall an entry from the Book page (see "Numeric selec-
tion of entries" on page 181).
Assigning a number is not mandatory, but may help you to orga-
nize your entries. For example, you can use the different 100s to
create a different way of categorizing your entries by genre or
Each number can correspond only to a single entry. You cannot
assign the same number to two or more different entries. There-
fore, if you try to save a modified entry without first selecting a
different Song Selection Number, and select the New Song
option in the Write Song dialog box, the following error message
will appear:
"This entry's Song Selection Number has already been assigned.
Please assign a different number".
Should this happen, you will automatically be kept in the Book
Edit 2 page. While there, assign a different number (while turn-
ing the Dial or pressing the UP/DOWN buttons, you are only
allowed to select numbers that are still free) and try to save the
entry again.
Harmony Track
When selecting a SongBook entry (pointing to a Standard MIDI
File or MP3 file), the Harmony Track can be automatically
Note: If the entry is based on a Style, this parameter is greyed out
The previously selected track is left unchanged.
Track Number The chosen track is selected when choosing the
(SMF-based) SongBook entry.


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