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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Style Controls: Drum/fill

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Style Play operating mode

Style Controls: Drum/Fill

Style Controls: Drum/Fill
In this page you can select various general parameters for the
Drum Mapping (Var.1...Var.4)
The Drum Mapping lets you select an alternative arrangement of
percussive instruments for the selected Drum Kit, without any
additional programming. Just select a Drum Map, and some
percussive instruments will be replaced with different instru-
Standard mapping.
Drum Mapping 1...7
Drum Map number. Mapping 1 is "soft-sound-
ing", while mapping 7 is "loud-sounding".
Kick and Snare Designation
The Kick Designation replaces the original Kick (Bass Drum)
sound with a different Kick of the same Drum Kit, while the
Snare Designation replaces the original Snare Drum sound with
a different Snare of the same Drum Kit.
Hint: Select different Designations while listening to the Style, and
see how they affect the Style. When you like the result, save your
setting to a Performance or Style Performance.
Original Kick or Snare.
Type 1...3
Kick or Snare replacing the original one.
Fill Mode (1...3)
These parameters set a Variation to be automatically selected at
the end of each of the three available Fills (1...3).
The same Variation, playing before selecting a
Fill, will be selected again.
V1&V2 ... V3&V4
The specified Variations will be alternatively
selected, when one of them is selected. For exam-
ple, with the "V1&V2" option, if Variation 1 is
selected, Variation 1 and Variation 2 will be alter-
natively selected after the end of the Fill.
The next higher/lower numbered Variation is
selected, in cycle. After Variation 4, an Up com-
mand will select Variation 1. After Variation 1, a
Down command will select Variation 4.
The next higher/lower numbered Variation is
selected. When Variation 4 is reached, an Inc
command will select Variation 4 again. When
Variation 1 is reached, a Dec command will select
Variation 1 again.
To Var.1...To Var.4
"Fill to Variation" (->1, ->2, ->3, ->4) automati-
cally selects one of the four available Style Varia-
tions at the end of the fill.
Fill Mode lock icon
This lock prevents the Fill Mode being changed when selecting a
different Performance or Style.
This lock is reset when turning the instrument off, unless you
write Global settings to memory (see "Write Global - Global
Setup dialog box" on page 231).
For more information on parameter locks, see "General Con-
trols: Lock" on page 218.
Track status
Track play/mute status. Touch these icons to change it.
Play status. The track can be heard.
Mute status. The track cannot be heard.
Style Controls: Keyboard Range On/Off /
Wrap Around
In this page you can program the Wrap Around point, and turn
on/off the Keyboard Range included in each Style tracks.
Keyboard Range On/Off
This parameter is an on/off switch for the Key Range parameter
memorized into each Style Element track.
The Keyboard Range is considered – provided it
has been programmed (see "Style Element Track
Controls: Keyboard Range" on page 132 in Style
Record mode). When a track goes over the lower
or higher Keyboard Range point, it is automati-
cally transposed, to stay in the programmed
No Keyboard Range used.


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