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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Save Song Window

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Save Song window

The recorded Song is contained in RAM, and is lost when turn-
ing the instrument off. The Song is also lost when you over-
write it in Record mode, or if you confirm the warning
message when switching to the Style Play or Song Play mode.
You must save to a storage device any Song you wish to preserve.
This window appears when you select the "Save Song" command
from the page menu.
Press EXIT to exit from this page and go back to the main page
of the Sequencer operating mode without saving the Song.
Song path
Storage device
Song path
This line shows the path of the location where you are saving the
This is the list of the selected device's content.
File status
Type of the
File or folder
file or folder
Use the scrollbar to scroll the list items.
As an alternative, you can select one of the items, and use the
TEMPO/VALUE controls to scroll.
Keep the SHIFT button pressed, and press DOWN or UP, to
jump to the previous or next alphabetical section.
File size
Sequencer operating mode
Storage device
Use this pop-up menu to select one of the available storage
devices where to save the Song.
User area of the internal SSD memory
Hard disk (optional)
Device connected to the front USB Host port
Device connected to the rear USB Host port
The actual name (label) of the device may appear within square
brackets ([]).
Opens the selected folder (item whose icon looks like this:
Closes the current folder, returning to the parent ("upper")
Sync P. (Synchronized Path)
Touch this button to see the Song assigned to the Sequencer.
This is useful to quickly return to it, after you have browsed
through long directories and "dug" into different folders.
Touch this button to open the Save Song dialog box, and save the
Song to the current directory.
• If no file has been selected in the display, prior to touching
Save, the "NewSong" default name will be automatically
assigned to the Song.
Note: If a file is selected, just touch the storage device name to dese-
lect it.
• If a file has been selected in the display, prior to touching Save,
the name of the selected file will be automatically assigned to the
In any of the above situations, touch the
to edit the Song name.
Warning: If a file with the same name is already in the current
directory, a message will warn you. If you confirm, the existing file
will be overwritten. Select a file before saving only if you want to
overwrite it (i.e., in case you are saving changes to an existing file).
Save Song window
(Text Edit) button


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