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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Keyboard/ensemble: Keyboard Control; Keyboard/ensemble: Key/velocity Range

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Keyboard/Ensemble: Keyboard Control

Keyboard/Ensemble: Keyboard Control
This page lets you enable/disable the Damper and Expression
pedals, plus the Joystick, for each of the Keyboard tracks.
When you press the Damper pedal and release
the keys, the track's sound is kept sustained.
The Damper pedal is not active on any track set
to this status.
Joystick X
This enables/disables the left/right movement of the Joystick
(Pitch Bend, and sometimes a Sound parameter's control; for
Pitch Bend settings, see "Mixer/Tuning: Tuning" on page 96).
Joystick Y
This enables/disables the front/rear movement of the Joystick
(Y+: Modulation, and sometimes a different Sound parameter's
control; Y-: Various controls, or non-active).
This parameter allows you to switch the Expression control on/
off on each individual Keyboard track. The Expression control is
a relative level control, always subtracted from the Volume value
of the track.
As an example, imagine you have a Piano sound assigned to
Upper 1, and a Strings sound assigned to Upper 2. If you turn
the Expression switch on on Upper 2, and off on Upper 1, you
can use a continuous pedal to control only the Strings' volume,
while the Piano remains unchanged.
To program a pedal or Assignable Slider to act as an Expression
control, see "Controllers: Pedal/Switch" on page 222 or "Con-
trollers: Assignable Sliders" on page 222. You can only assign this
function to a volume-type pedal, not to a switch-type one.
Assign the "KB Expression" option to the pedal or Assignable
Slider, then select Write Global-Global Setup from the page
menu to save the setting to the Global.
Play/Mute icon
Track's play/mute status.
Play status. The track can be heard.
Mute status. The track cannot be heard.

Keyboard/Ensemble: Key/Velocity Range

This page lets you program a key and dynamic (velocity) range
for each of the Keyboard tracks.
Key range is useful to create a set of Keyboard tracks playing in
different zones of the keyboard. For example, you may have
french horns and woodwinds playing in the center range of the
keyboard, while only woodwinds play on the higher range.
Velocity range is useful to create a sound made of up to three
dynamic layers, assigning each of the Upper tracks to a different
dynamic range.
As an example, you may assign the El.Piano 1 Program to the
Upper 1, and the El.Piano 2 Program to the Upper 2 track. Then,
set Upper 1 to [Bottom=0, Top=80], and Upper 2 to [Bot-
tom=81, Top=127]. The El.Piano 1 will play when playing softer,
the El.Piano 2 when playing louder.
Top/Bottom Key (Key Range)
This parameter pair sets the Top and Bottom key range for the
Selected key.
Top/Bottom Vel. (Velocity Range)
This parameter pair sets the Top and Bottom dynamic range for
the track.
Lowest velocity value.
Highest velocity value.
Play/Mute icon
Track's play/mute status.
Play status. The track can be heard.
Mute status. The track cannot be heard.


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