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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Preferences: Style Play Setup

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Lock icon
All parameters in this page may be protected from selecting a
different Performance or STS.
This lock is reset when turning the instrument off, unless you
write Global settings to memory (see "Write Global - Global
Setup dialog box" on page 231).
For more information on parameter locks, see "General Con-
trols: Lock" on page 218.

Preferences: Style Play Setup

In this page you can set various general parameters for the Style
Play mode.
Note: These settings are stored in the Style Play Setup area of the
Global file (together with all the other parameters marked with the
abbreviation through the manual). After changing these
settings, select the Write Global-Style Play Setup command from
the page menu to save them to the Global.
Midi Setup
MIDI channels for the Style Play mode can be automatically
configured by selecting a MIDI Setup with this parameter. See
"MIDI" on page 263 for more information on using MIDI Set-
Note: To automatically select a MIDI Setup when entering the
Style Play mode, select the Write Global-Style Setup command
from the page menu.
For detailed information on MIDI Setup settings, see "MIDI
Setup" on page 314.
Note: After selecting a MIDI Setup, you can go to the Global mode
and apply any change to each channel setting. To store these
changes to a MIDI Setup, while still in Global mode select the Write
Global-Midi Setup command from the page menu. All MIDI Setup
can be freely customized and overwritten.
Hint: To restore the original MIDI Setups, load the original Fac-
tory data again (from the Accessory CD, or downloadable from
Style Play operating mode
Performance/Sound Default
Performance banks and Sound banks share the same buttons on
the control panel. Use this parameter to define whether the PER-
when you turn the instrument on.
Style Change On By Default
This parameter allows you to define the status of the STYLE
CHANGE button at startup.
At startup, the LED of the STYLE CHANGE but-
ton will automatically turn on.
At startup, the LED of the STYLE CHANGE but-
ton will stay off.
Velocity Control Value
Use this parameter to set a velocity value over which to automat-
ically trigger the Style Start/Stop or select a Style Element (see
"Velocity Control" above).
Upper Volume Link
This parameter allows you to define if changing the volume for
one of the Upper tracks, proportionally changes also the other
Upper tracks.
When changing volume to one of the Upper
tracks, volume for the other Upper tracks
changes in proportion.
When changing volume to one of the Upper
tracks, only that track's volume is changed. Other
Upper tracks are left unchanged.
Bass & Lower Backing
With this function, you can play a simple accompaniment with
your left hand. For this to work, the SPLIT Keyboard Mode must
be selected, and the Style must not be running. By default, this
function is turned on.
If the Style is not playing, and you play chords
with your left hand, the Sound assigned to the
Lower track plays chord notes (even if the Lower
track is muted), and a Bass sound plays the chord
root. When you start the Style, the normal behav-
ior is restored.
When the Bass & Lower Backing
function is active, the Backing
icon appears in the Lower track Sound's area.
If the Style is not playing, and the Lower track is
muted, no sound can be heard when you play
with your left hand. If the Lower track is set to
play, you can hear the sound assigned to the
Lower track.
Preferences: Style Play Setup


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