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OS Version 1.1


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    Pa700 Pa700 ORIENTAL OS Version 1.1 MAN0010137...

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    To install the new operating system, please read the ‘Pa-Series OS Update’ instructions supplied with the installation file in our web site ( New functions of OS Version 1.1 The following functions are added by upgrading to the new version of the operating system.

  • Page 3: User Interface

    User Interface Pages redesigned and/or renamed [1.1] To accommodate the new features, various pages have been redesigned and/or renamed. Selected SongBook Entry indicator blinking [1.1] In the SET LIST section on the control panel, the indicator corresponding to the selected song blinks.

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    Keyboard Sets Split point memorized into each Keyboard Set of a Style or SongBook Entry [1.1] The local split point can be memorized into a Keyboard Set. Each Keyboard Set associated to a Style or SongBook Entry can have a different split point. Style/Pad and Song Recording New way of listening to the recorded Style/Pad [1.1]...

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    MIDI. This value is low enough to be fine with the Sounds of Pa700. This is useful when playing Pa700 with a controller sending a too high Note Off velocity value. For example, the Electric Piano sounds in Pa700 include RX Noises on the release phase, whose level is controlled by the Note Off Velocity value.

  • Page 6: File Management

    Pa700 supports user-installable Add-On packages, including additional Sounds, Keyboard Sets, Styles, Pads, Voice and Guitar Presets, dedicated Demo Songs. Add-Ons are usually created by KORG Distributors to add lo- calized data. For detailed information on the Add-On content, and instructions on how to install an Add-On, please check the manuals coming with the package.

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    Assign the Direct User tabs any name you like. Touch the Text Edit ( icon next to the bank to be renamed, and use the virtual keyboard to edit the name. When done, touch to confirm. The assigned name can be spanned over two lines, by separating them with the paragraph character (¶).

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    If you select a folder from a different Pa-Series instrument, you are asked if you want to convert the data to a format that Pa700 can read. If you confirm, you are prompted to choose a name and position for the new SET folder. (If you touch Cancel, no Direct folder is selected).

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    Deselecting the Direct folder You can deselect the Direct banks, and make them disappear. Go to the Global > Mode Preferences > Media page. Touch the Direct Folder > Browse button to open the file selector. Touch the Deselect button to remove any assignment. Direct Pads, Voice and Guitar Preset location added [1.1] Direct Pad, Voice and Guitar Preset locations have been added.

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    Direct SongBook Entry locations added [1.1] In addition to the internal SongBook residing in your Pa700, you can also choose Entries and Set Lists from an external Direct SongBook, that will extend your internal database on the fly. In the display, Direct Entry icons are surrounded by a bright frame.

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    IMPROVEMENTS AND BUG FIXES Bug fixes in OS 1.1.0 Where Bug fixes Sampling Time Slice could cause a crash.

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    Address KORG ITALY SpA Via Cagiata, 85 60027 Osimo (AN) Italy © KORG Italy 2017. All rights reserved PART NUMBER: MAN0010137...

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