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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Preferences

Professional arranger.
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After touching Backup, a dialog box will appear, asking you
to select a name for the backup file, and whether compres-
sion must be turned on or off during the backup.
Touch the
(Text Edit) button to open the Text Edit
window. Enter the name, and confirm by touching OK.
We suggest you check Compression, to save space on the
backup device. However, with compression turned on, the
operation will last longer.
Touch OK to start the backup.
When finished, save the storage device in a safe place.
Full Backup Resources
This command allows you to make a backup of the Factory and
User Musical Resources (excluding the Operating System) on a
target device. A ".BKP" file will be created.
Note: Should you not do a backup and your internal data becomes
download A copy of the original data in also contained in
the included Accessory CD.
Choose this command, and follow the procedure seen to backup
the Operating System above. The required space on the target
device depends on the amount of data to be backed-up.
Full Restore Resources
This command restores the backup of the internal Factory and
User data, created with the "Full Backup Resources" command.
Warning: Don't play the keyboard while restoring data, and stay in
the Media mode. Wait until the "Wait" message disappears.
In case you are restoring from an external USB device, con-
nect the device to one of the USB Host ports.
Select the Full Restore Resources command, then touch
Execute. The source device appears.
If needed, select a different device, by using the Device
pop-up menu.
Browse through the files to find the backup file.
When the backup file (".BKP" file) is in the display, select it
and touch the Restore command.
When done, the instrument automatically restarts.
OS Version Number
This line shows the installed Operating System version. From
time to time, check our web site (, to see if a
newer, free version has been released.
Media edit mode


This page includes various protect options, plus the PCM Auto-
load option.
Global Protect
When loading a ".SET" file (see "Loading all the User data" on
page 247), this parameter (if On) prevents Global parameters
from being reprogrammed when loading all data. All Global
parameters are therefore left unchanged.
When loading a single ".GLB" file, this parameter is ignored, and
the Global is overwritten by the loaded data.
Note: This parameter is saved to memory, but not to a storage
Hard Disk Protect
When on, this parameter protects the hard disk from writing.
Note: This parameter is saved to memory, but not to a storage
SSD User Protect
When on, this parameter protects the User area on the SSD from
Note: This parameter is saved to memory, but not to a storage
Factory Style and Pad Protect
When On, this parameter protects the Factory Styles (from the
"8/16 BEAT" to the "CONTEMP." bank) and Factory Pads
(named "Hit" and "Sequence" in the Pad Select window) from
being overwritten when loading data from a device. Further-
more, you can't access these banks when saving data.
When Off, you can load or save User Styles or Pads even into the
Factory Style banks (from "8/16 BEAT" to "CONTEMP.") and
Factory Pad banks (named "Hit" and "Sequence" in the Pad
Select window). This way, you customize personalize your Fac-
tory Style and Pad banks.
Please note that the Save All procedure always saves only the
USER and FAVORITE Style banks.
Note: This parameter is automatically set to On when turning the
instrument off.
Note: Should your accidentally delete some Factory Data, reload
the Backup data, find the original Musical Resources in the sup-
plied CD, or download the data from


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