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Professional arranger.
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In the display, touch one of the four SC Preset buttons to recall
the corresponding preset, and touch any note you want to lower
a quarter tone down, making a big dot appear on the detuned
note in the diagram. Touch the note again to make the dot disap-
Scale alteration made in this page is momentary and is not saved
to memory. It is only meant to allow for fast scale alteration
while playing.
To make realtime changes faster, you can assign the Quarter
Tone function also to a footswitch, an EC5 switch or an Assign-
able Switch (see below "How to use the Quarter Tone function
with a footswitch, EC5 switch or Assignable Switch" for more
The use of SC Presets allows for immediate recall of previously
programmed Quarter Tone scales (see below "How to use the
Quarter Tone function with the SC Presets" for more informa-
SC Preset buttons
These buttons appear only when the "Quarter Tone" parameter is
checked. Use these buttons to recall the corresponding custom
scale presets. See "How to use the Quarter Tone function with
the SC Presets" below for information on how to use them.
Keyboard diagram
When Quarter Tone is checked, or a User scale is selected, this
diagram allows you to modify each note's pitch.
Scale lock icon
When locked, Scale parameters remain unchanged when select-
ing a different Performance or STS.
This lock is reset when turning the instrument off, unless you
write Global settings to memory (see "Write Global - Global
Setup dialog box" on page 231).
For more information on parameter locks, see "General Con-
trols: Lock" on page 218.
How to create a custom scale by fine-tun-
ing each note of the User scale
When the User scale is selected, the keyboard diagram becomes
active. You can then change each note tuning in cents of a semi-
tone (within a range of ±99 cents, referred to Equal tuning). This
way, you can create a custom scale, you can save to a Perfor-
mance or STS.
Fine tuning values
After selecting the User scale, touch a note in the keyboard dia-
gram, and use TEMPO/VALUE controls to adjust the selected
note tuning in cents.
Note: These settings can be saved to a Performance or STS, as
described below.
Style Play operating mode
How to use the Quarter Tone function with
the SC Presets
When the Quarter Tone checkbox is checked, four SC Preset but-
ton appear, and you can select one of four SC Presets to recall a
preset custom scale.
Program and save a custom scale into an SC Preset.
To do so, go to the Global mode, and reach the "General
Controls: Scale" page. When programming is done, choose
the "Write SC Preset" command from the page menu, then
select one of the preset locations where to save the current
settings (see "Write Quarter Tone SC Preset dialog box" on
page 232).
Return to this page, and check the Quarter Tone checkbox
to make SC Preset buttons appear.
Touch one of the SC Preset buttons to recall a preset cus-
tom scale.
Each preset contains a custom detuning of each note of the
scale. It also memorizes the selected degree(s) of the scale
(shown in the lower scale diagram).
When no preset is selected, the default scale is automati-
cally recalled. This scale assigns a -50 cent value to all notes,
and turns all scale degrees off.
You can select an SC Preset, also by assigning the relevant
function to the Assignable Switch or Assignable Footswitch.
Use the keyboard diagram to turn the note detuning on or
Make a big dot appear to detune the corresponding note, or
make it disappear to reset tuning.
Reset the original scale.
Uncheck the "Quarter Tone" checkbox to recall the main
Mixer/Tuning: Sub Scale


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