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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Event Edit: Event Edit

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Style Record mode

Event Edit: Event Edit

Event Edit: Event Edit
The Event Edit is the page where you can edit each single MIDI
event of the selected Chord Variation. You can, for example,
replace a note with a different one, or change its playing strength
(i.e., velocity value). See "Event Edit procedure" on page 125 for
more information on the event editing procedure.
Page sub-header
Page header
Event list
Track pop-
up menu
Page header
See "Page header" on page 114.
Page menu icon
Touch this icon to open the page menu. See "Page menu" on
page 138.
Page sub-header
This area shows some performing info on the Song.
Selected track
Selected Style
Selected track
Name of the track in edit. Use the Track pop-up menu to select
one of the Style tracks.
SE/CV (Style Element/Chord Variation)
Selected Style Element and Chord Variation. This parameter
cannot be edited. To select a different Style Element and Chord
Variation, press EXIT to go back to the main page of the Style
Record mode (see "Main page - Record 1" on page 114).
Page menu icon
Selected Chord
Event list
Use the Event list to see all events contained in the selected track
in the selected Style Element.
Use the scrollbar to browse through the events. You can also
scroll by using the SHIFT + DIAL combination.
Touch the event to be selected. Selected events are highlighted
and can be heard.
Position of the event, expressed in the form '':
'aaa' is the measure
'bb' is the beat
'ccc' is the tick (each quarter beat = 384 ticks)
You can edit this parameter to move the event to a different posi-
tion. You can edit a position in either of the following ways:
(a) select the parameter, and use the TEMPO/VALUE controls
to change the value, or
(b) select the parameter, then touch it again; the numeric key-
pad will appear. Enter the new position by dialing in the
three parts of the number, separated by a dot. Zeroes at the
beginning can be omitted, as well as the least important
parts of the number. For example, to enter position
002.02.193, dial "2.2.193"; to enter position 002.04.000 dial
"2.4"; to enter position 002.01.000, simply dial "2".
Type, Value 1, Value 2
Type and values of the event shown in the display. Depending on
the selected event, the value may change. This parameter also
shows the (greyed-out, so non editable) "CC#11" (Expression)
event at the beginning of the pattern, and the "End Of Loop"
marking, when the end of a track is reached.
Event type
Value 1
Note name
Control Change number
Bending value
To change the event type, select the Type parameter, then use the
TEMPO/VALUE controls to select a different event type. A set of
default values will be automatically assigned to the event.
To select and edit the event's value, select the corresponding
parameter, and use TEMPO/VALUE controls.
Length of the selected Note event. The value format is the same
as the Position value. This is only available for Note events.
Note: If you change a length of "000.00.000" to a different value,
you can't go back to the original value. This rather uncommon
zero-length value may be found in some drum or percussion tracks.
Use the scrollbar to browse the event through the list. (As an
alternative, use Shift + Dial).
Value 2
Control Change value


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