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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Style Element Track Controls: Keyboard Range

Professional arranger.
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Style Record mode

Style Element Track Controls: Keyboard Range

This monitor should help you keeping track of them, and let you
access Event Edit only on the tracks containing the messages.
Press the START/STOP button to start playback, and look at the
indicators. When one of them lights up, you can enter Event Edit
on the corresponding track, and edit or remove the Expression
Use these knobs to set the Expression (CC#11) value for the cor-
responding track. This value can be seen at the beginning of the
Event Edit list (see "Event Edit: Event Edit" on page 124).
Different Expression values can be defined for each Style Ele-
ment. This way, you can set a different volume in each Style Ele-
ment, relative to the general Volume value set in the Style
Expression leveling
You can quickly and easily adjust the Expression level of all
tracks in a Style Element (Variation, Intro...). This allows for a
more precise control over the volume level of all Style Element.
While in this page, select one of the Style Elements by
pressing its button in the control panel.
Selected Style Element
Keep the SHIFT button pressed, and move any Assignable
Slider to proportionally change the Expression value of all
Style Variation tracks.
Release the SHIFT button.
Repeat the above operation with all the desired Style Ele-
Note: A track's volume may be changed by an Expression event
contained in a track. To check if any of these events exist in a track,
let the Style Element play and look at the Expression Monitor in
this same page. If one or more Expression events are found, go to
the Event Edit page and delete it (or them)
Volume area
Use these controls to set the volume and status of each track. See
page 117 for more information.
The Volume value is the same for the whole Style. Use the
Expression controls to adjust the relative balance between tracks
in each Style Element.
Expression level
Style Element Track Controls: Keyboard
The Keyboard Range automatically transposes any pattern note
that would otherwise play too high or too low in pitch, com-
pared to the original acoustic instrument, when transposed by
the arranger. This will result in a more natural sound for each
accompaniment instrument.
For example, the lower limit for a guitar is E2. If you play a chord
under the E2, the transposed pattern could exceed this limit, and
sound unnatural. A Bottom limit set to E2 for the guitar track
will solve the problem.
Different Keyboard Range values can be set for each Style Ele-
Note: The Keyboard Range is ignored while recording. The selected
track can play on the full range of the keyboard.
When in this page, press the corresponding button on the con-
trol panel to select a Style Element (VARIATION1 ...
To copy the settings of this page to another Style Element, use
the "Copy Keyboard Range" command from the page menu (see
"Copy Key Range dialog box" on page 140).
Use these parameters to set the bottom and top of the keyboard
range for the corresponding track of the current Style Element.
Volume area
Use these controls to set the volume and status of each track. See
page 117 for more information.


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