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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Performance; Sequencer; The Logo Decoder

Professional arranger.
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Glossary of Terms


By turning the Ensemble feature on, a single note played on one
of the Keyboard tracks will be embellished by additional notes to
create a complete chord voicing. The Ensemble knows which
notes to add by looking at the chord that the Style is playing. In
addition, the Ensemble parameters allow you to select the type
of voicing that will be added – from a simple one-note harmony
to a full "Brass" section – even a marimba-style trill!
The Performance is the most encompassing setting on the Pa800
– a single setting that can remember a Style (with all the appro-
priate sounds), the Keyboard tracks (with all the appropriate
sounds) and all their Single Touch Settings, Tempo, transposi-
tion, etc... A Performance can be stored in one of the Perfor-
mance Banks, or it can be saved in a "database" format using the
SongBook function.


The Sequencer acts as a recorder, so you can capture and play-
back your performances. The Pa800 sequencer can function in
different modes. In the Backing Sequence mode, each Style ele-
ment and each Real-Time (Keyboard and Pads) element can be
recorded on a separate track in a single pass. This can be a big
help in getting a song recorded quickly. The sequencer can also
behave as a traditional 16-track linear sequencer, where each
track is recorded individually one at a time.

The LOGO decoder

On the front panel of your Pa800 you have probably noticed
three logos, and may have even wondered what they stand for.
Well, here is a quick explanation of each one.
RX Technology is the cutting edge engine
that drives every aspect of the Pa800 –
from the synthesis to the display and how
it all works together.
reverb, delay, compression, and even three-part vocal harmo-
nies! All of the vocal effects (apart for reverb) are provided by TC
Helicon, the leader in vocal processing technology.
General MIDI (GM) is a standard that ensures
the compatibility of sounds and messages
between GM compatible instruments available
from different manufacturers. For example,
sequenced songs created on any GM equipped product and
saved in the GM format will playback correctly on the Pa800.
A variety of professional
vocal effects are provided by


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