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Korg Pa800 User Manual: Style Play Operating Mode; Start-up Settings; How Styles, Performances And Stss Are Linked Together; Master Volume And Balance

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Style Play operating mode

The Style Play mode is the boot-up operating mode. When in
this mode, you can play with Styles (i.e. automatic accompani-
ments), while playing with one to four tracks (Upper 1-3 and
Lower) on the keyboard, and up to four Pad tracks. You can
select different Sounds and Effects by selecting Performances
and STSs. A different Voice Processor Preset may be selected by a
Performance or STS. You can also use the SongBook to automat-
ically select Styles for a desired music genre, while linking a text
file containing Lyrics to a Style.
Style Play mode can also be used in Easy Mode (see page 6).

Start-up settings

Since Performance 1 of Bank 1 (Performance 1-1) is automati-
cally selected when turning the instrument on, you can save to it
your preferred start-up settings.
Select the Sounds, Effects, Voice Processor Preset, and other set-
tings you would like to see automatically selected when turning
the instrument on. Then select the "Write Performance" com-
mand from the page menu. When the Write Performance win-
dow appears, save the settings to Performance 1 of Bank 1. (See
"Write Performance dialog box" on page 109).
Note: If you like some settings to be preserved even when choosing
different Performances, STSs and Styles, turn on the desired "locks"
to avoid changes to the selected parameters (see "General Controls:
Lock" on page 218). Save these locks to the Global (see "Write Glo-
bal - Global Setup dialog box" on page 231).
How Styles, Performances and STSs are
linked together
Styles, Performances and STSs are linked in many ways.
• When the SINGLE TOUCH LED is steadily on or blinking,
selecting a Style also changes Keyboard tracks (STS 1 is automat-
ically selected). Performance settings are overridden.
• When the STYLE CHANGE LED is on, selecting a Performance
also selects a Style (the one whose number is memorized with
the Performance).
• Current track settings can be saved either in a Performance, an
STS, or a Style Performance, depending on the page menu com-
mand you select.
Style Play operating mode

Master Volume and Balance

While the MASTER VOLUME slider controls the general volume
of the instrument, you can use the BALANCE slider to balance
the Style Accompaniment and Pad tracks against the Keyboard
Overall instru-
ment's volume
Note: As an alternative, the BALANCE slider can also work as a
volume control. See "Balance Slider" on page 221.

Factory, User and Favorite Styles

There are three different types of Style locations:
Factory Style banks (from "8/16 Beat" to "Contemporary",
i.e., from BANK01.STY to BANK17.STY) are the preloaded
Styles, that you can't usually edit (unless you don't want to
do so, by turning the protection off, see "Factory Style and
Pad Protect" on page 264).
User Style banks (from "User 1" to "User 3", i.e., from
USER01.STY to USER03.STY) are Styles loaded from an
external device, created or edited by yourself (the User).
These are banks conceived as a 'workbench' – a place where
to manage Styles and banks before saving them to a final
location. See the "Style Record mode" chapter on page 114
for information on how to edit or create Styles.
Favorite Style banks (by default, from "Favorite 1" to
FAVORITE10.STY) are similar to User Styles, but you can
rename the tabs in the Style Select window to create places
for custom banks, or for additional music genres that are
not already included among the supplied banks. See "The
Favorite banks" on page 110 for information on how to
manage these Styles.
Start-up settings
Balance of Style and
Pad tracks against
RealTime (Key-
board) tracks


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