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HP 445860-B21 - 10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Reference Manual Page 135

Hp 10gb ethernet bl-c switch browser-based interface reference guide.
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The following table describes IP Routing Management statistics:
IP Routing Management Statistics
Table 88
The total number of input datagrams received from interfaces, including those received in error.
The total number of input datagrams successfully delivered to IP user-protocols (including ICMP).
The number of input datagrams for which this entity (the switch) was not their final IP destination,
as a result of which an attempt was made to find a route to forward them to that final destination.
In entities which do not act as IP Gateways, this counter will include only those packets, which
were Source-Routed via this entity (the switch), and the Source- Route option processing was
The number of IP datagrams that have been successfully fragmented at this entity (the switch).
The number of IP datagram fragments that have been generated as a result of fragmentation at
this entity (the switch).
The number of input IP datagrams for which no problems were encountered to prevent their
continued processing, but which were discarded (for example, for lack of buffer space).
This counter does not include any datagrams discarded while awaiting re-assembly.
The following table describes the IP Routing Management Error statistics:
Table 89
IP Routing Management Error statistics
InHdr Errors
The number of input datagrams discarded due to errors in their IP headers, including bad
checksums, version number mismatch, other format errors, time-to-live exceeded, errors
discovered in processing their IP options, and so on.
InAddr Errors
The number of input datagrams discarded because the IP address in their IP header
destination field was not a valid address to be received at this switch. This count includes
invalid addresses (for example, and addresses of unsupported classes (for
example, Class E).
For entities which are not IP gateways and therefore do not forward datagrams, this counter
includes datagrams discarded because the destination address was not a local address.
Unknown Protos
The number of locally addressed datagrams received successfully but discarded because of
an unknown or unsupported protocol.
The number of IP datagrams that have been discarded because they needed to be
Frag Fails
fragmented at this entity (the switch) but could not be, for example, because their
Don't Fragment flag was set.
The following table describes the IP Route statistics:
Table 90
IP Route statistics
Current Entries
The total number of outstanding routes in the route table.
High Water Mark
The highest number of routes ever recorded in the route table.
Maximum Entries
The maximum number of supported routes.
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