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Toolbar; Context Buttons; Commands - HP 445860-B21 - 10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Reference Manual

Hp 10gb ethernet bl-c switch browser-based interface reference guide.
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The toolbar contains buttons and commands used to access and execute switch functions.

Context buttons

The context buttons on the toolbar is used for setting the context for your actions in the application:
Context buttons
Table 1
First click a context button, and then click an item in the navigation window. When a context button is
selected, the button is highlighted as a reminder of the current context mode.


The following general commands are available on the toolbar:
Toolbar commands
Table 2
Show Log
When selected, you can access and alter the switch configuration forms. Select an item in the
navigation window to display the desired configuration form in the forms window.
This context is only available when you are logged in as an administrator.
When selected, you can view information about switch performance. Select an item in the
navigation window to display the desired statistics in the forms window.
This context button is selected by default when the BBI is first activated. When selected, basic
switch information and status can be viewed in the forms window. Select an item in the
navigation window to display the desired dashboard information in the forms window.
Pending configuration changes do not take effect until you select the Apply command. Once
applied, all changes (except enabling/disabling Spanning Tree Protocol) take effect on the
switch immediately. If you do not save the changes, however, they will be lost the next time the
switch is rebooted.
Writes applied configuration changes to non-volatile flash memory on the switch (with the
option of not overlaying the current backup).
Removes pending configuration changes between Apply commands. Use this command to
restore configuration parameters set since last Apply command.
Shows any pending configuration changes.
Writes current switch configuration to the screen. Configuration information is displayed with
parameters that have been changed from default values.
Opens a new Web-browser window for displaying the 100 most recent switch log messages.
Close the log browser when finished.
Opens a new Web-browser window for displaying the basic online help information. Close the
help browser when finished.
Logs off the switch and exits the BBI.
Browser-based interface basics


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