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Checking Radio Transmission; Resetting The Universal Mixing Valve Controller Hm 80 To The State Of Delivery (Factory Reset); More Application Examples; Assigning The Chronotherm Cm67Z To The Hm 80 (Teach-In, Optional, Only At Individual Devices) - Honeywell HM 80 Installation And Operation Manual

Universal mixing valve controller
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More application examples


Checking radio transmission

Move the slide switch on the CM67RFMV to the position
In order to test radio transmission, then press the buttons
The device shows the text Test in the display and sends
test signals to the receiver for a maximum of 10 minutes.
When a test signal is received, LED 4 flashes red.
LED 4 indicates the strength of the received signal by
flashing (1 = sufficient – 5 = strong).
7.10. Resetting the Universal Mixing
Valve Controller HM 80 to the state
of delivery (factory reset)
All current assignments are lost if the HM 80 is
reset to the state of delivery. The HM 80 retains
its configuration after a power failure.
Keep both buttons of the HM 80 pressed for >10 s.
Resetting was successful when LED 4 flashes rapidly
(1/9 On/Off).
8. More application examples
Underfloor Heating and Radiator Control HR80 up to 2 zones with
boiler feedback
CM67z without programming HM 80 parameters,
only default parameters of the HM 80 are used
Default parameters HM80
Pump after running time
Actuator running time
Min flow temperature setpoint
Max flow temperature setpoint
for 3 s.
15 min
150 s
15 °C
55 °C
Assigning the Chronotherm CM67z
to the HM 80 (teach-in, optional,
only at individual devices)
For information on installing the device, please
read the CM67z operating instructions.
The CM67z has an integrated temperature sensor for zone
1. The function of the sensor is specified by parameter 7:tS
in the installation mode:
Set parameter 7:tS to the setting "2".
The integrated sensor is now used to measure and
control the room temperature in zone 1.
Information about the parameter settings of the
CM67z can be found in the corresponding
operating instructions.
Note that only the standard settings of HM 80,
max. and min. inlet setpoint, mixing valve runtime
and pump runtime, are used at the CM67z.
These parameters cannot be set at the CM67z.
Press both buttons at the HM 80 (approx. 4 s) until LED 4
flashes steadily.
Move the slide switch on the CM67z to the position
Press the buttons
together until
teach-in mode for zone 1.
The following is displayed at the
Send the teach-in-signal by pressing the button
After 3 minutes a time-out is carried out at the
HM 80. The device is no longer in teach-in mode.
Assigning the HR80 radiator
controller for Zone 2 at the CM67z
For information on installing the HR80 device
please read the HR80 operating instructions.
Set Parameter 17:SU to the setting 0 (only
HR80) or 2 (HR80 and HC60NG (R6660D)).
For information on setting a parameter please
read the CM67z operating instructions.
Activating the HR80 (teach-in mode)
for Zone 2
The teach-in mode remains active at the HR80
for a maximum of 4 minutes.
Position the operating unit directly at the corresponding
valve lantern.
is displayed in order to activate the


Table of Contents

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