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Function Overview; Chronotherm Cm67Rfmv; Universal Mixing Valve Controller Hm 80; Forced Operation Mixing Valve/ Pump - Honeywell HM 80 Installation And Operation Manual

Universal mixing valve controller
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Table of Contents

Function overview

• Room temperature control with and without flow
temperature sensor T7414C1012
• Integrated pump relay
• Adjustable mixing valve runtime
• Adjustable inlet temperature limitation
• Adjustable pump coasting time
• Heating/cooling
• Simple checking of the radio communication
• Simple function check of the mixing valve
(OPEN/CLOSED button)
• Boiler feedback wireless via relay module

Chronotherm CM67RFMV

With the Chronotherm CM67RFMV the desired room
temperature setpoint values can be set using a time
program so that the room/rooms is/are only heated at the
specified time.
With the individually adjustable day and week programs and
the holiday button considerable heating energy can be
saved while retaining a high degree of comfort.
The CM67RFMV communicates with the HM 80 and can be
installed simply and rapidly due to the wireless
Universal Mixing Valve Controller
HM 80
The HM 80 controls the mixing valve depending on the room
temperature setpoint and communicates with the
Chronotherm CM67RFMV. In addition the controller has a
relay output for controlling the pump and a connection for
the flow temperature sensor.
Without flow temperature sensor
Without the flow temperature sensor the mixing valve
position is adjusted in accordance with the specified room
temperature setpoint and the room temperature actual
With flow temperature sensor
With the flow temperature sensor the mixing valve position
is adjusted in accordance with the calculated inlet
temperature setpoint and the measured inlet temperature.
The inlet temperature setpoint is calculated from the room
temperature setpoint and the actual value deviation.
Forced operation mixing valve/
Forced operation mixing valve
The mixing valve has to be operated once within 1 week. If
this is not the case, the mixing valve is opened and closed
again. The pump is off during forced operation.
Forced operation pump
The pump has to be operated once within 1 week. If this is
not the case, a forced operation of 5 minutes is activated.
The mixing valve is closed during forced operation.

End position of mixing valve

While the respective end position (OPEN/CLOSED) is being
approached, the mixing valve is activated with a multiple of
the runtime in order to ensure that the end position is

Cooling function

The HM 80 can also be used as a cooling regulator.
The time program is only available for heating and cooling. If
the cooling function is activated, the time program has to be
The cooling function can be activated with the
parameter 6:HC (refer to the parameter list).

Return of power supply

After a return of power supply the mixing valve first travels
to the position CLOSED and then travels back to its
After a return of power supply the pump runs for at least the
set pump coasting time.

Communication failure

If the HM 80 does not receive any radio signal for more than
3 hours from the CM67RFMV, the LED flashes (9/1 On/Off).
If a signal is received, the display extinguishes automatical-
If the room temperature setpoint fails, a setpoint of 20 °C is
assumed for heating operation and of 26 °C for the cooling
If the room temperature actual value fails, the value does
not fall below the minimum inlet temperature setpoint.
Flow temperature sensor
The flow temperature sensor measures the inlet
temperature for the regulation and min./max. temperature

4. Operation CM67RFMV


Operating elements and displays

The CM67RFMV has the following display and operating
elements (refer to the fold-out page, Fig.4):
Number Function
Time display
Day indicator
Display battery min.
Temperature display
Information request button
Buttons for temperature modification
Battery compartment
Program buttons
Holiday button
Day off button
Party button
Adjusting slide switch
Buttons for time modification
Copy day button
Day button
Operation CM67RFMV


Table of Contents

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