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Hitachi VB 16Y Handling Instructions Manual page 43

Portable rebar cutter/bender
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(Returning Halfway)
1 Select RETURN with the dial.
2 Pull the triger.
● If you bend the rebar with a large angle while placing your hand onto it, there is
a fear of getting your hand caught in by the fold-back reaction of the rebar. Never
place your hand onto the position where the rebar may fold back.
● The cutter blade can get worn out by repeated rebar cutting. Continued use of a
worn-out cutter can result in the damage and the broken pieces flying around.
Replace it with a new cutter after approximately 8,000 times of cutting as a rough
● The machine is so designed that the upper cutter and the grip rubber can support
a rebar.
If the grip rubber gets worn out, there is a fear that it cannot sufficiently hold the
rebar and gets broken down with its parts flying around, etc.
If the grip rubber cannot hold the rebar much longer, replace it with a new grip
● During cutting work, securely hook the rebar to the reaction stopper B.
Furthermore, secure enough length of a rebar to be hooked to the reaction stopper
● Avoid bringing your hand near to the reaction stopper B during operation;
otherwise, you may get your finger caught in or may run the hazard of other
● Set the rebar in the center or the recess of the cutter during cutting work. Any
cutting work with the rebar set on corners or ends of the cutter can result in the
pieces of broken rebar flying around or the damage to the cutter and the machine.
(Selecting the rebar size)
Select the rebar size and the
bending angle.



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